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  1. Everyone can write here! (offtopic)
  2. Sombrero123

    Generals and Zero Hour CD for £3 on CEX

    That's a great price! I wanna buy that, but since I don't live abroad, this makes me sad. forget it, this is my problem. I hope you already bought it!
  3. The saved games may be located in the folder where you installed the game. Like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge\ or something like that. You also need to check your system folder (which is hidden, like AppData in c/ directory). Keep your game folder entirely in order to save everything you made, I think. Do it at your own risk.
  4. Sombrero123

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    The FMVs were super good, but the graphic cutscenes -- I was expecting bit more i.e. remaking them with modern graphics. Bit disappointed on that.
  5. I need to know whether the hunter seekers can be removed when you are playing the Tiberian Sun skirmish. Please kindly respond my question. Then I'll go.
  6. omg im dying of laughter Large cup of coffee in front of mammoth tank... Or maybe -- sewage recycling factory that collects from the barracks... ....uh, forget it
  7. Sombrero123

    Board/card games

    I love playing Catan with my family! Wish there would be a C&C board game... EDIT: Shit, there's one.
  8. Sombrero123

    Rivals isn't that bad

    You mean micro transactions? Well, after they decided to give the monthly bonus, hosting tournament with the colossal (the biggest) chest and the people that says the chests are useless, micro-transaction in this game lost its significance. People buy diamonds only for getting gold and booster shit, but as the dev team just gives stacks of diamonds (every week), golds (by tournament), and boosters, I think that buying diamond is for fools (not to mention that you could exchange loads of diamonds for insufficient gold).
  9. Sombrero123

    Rivals isn't that bad

    Rivals is just like Clash Royale, too dogmatic gameplay, and nerve-racking league system. Also, its players like to rank down to zero, just for bullying the newcomers. And at last, it is a DOMINATION type of game, not a true RTS that I wanted for. I liked this game when I just started playing it. However, my joy simply faded into thin air as the players which had an OP game units started to bully me. Well, the game mechanic sucks. Also, the dev team always changes the balance, like every single fucking MONTH!! The balance changes always requires to change your tactics like COMPLETELY. Now, I fell more peace by not playing this game. But, I do enjoy when I play it sometimes. I hope that this game might be a test for the future C&C games on mobile as the smartphone has more usage nowadays.
  10. Sombrero123

    Good Day, Everybody!

    Is this topic really follows the title??
  11. Hi! My name is Sombrero123. I love playing RTS games, especially the C&C1. I think it will be lovely in this forum.
  12. Sombrero123


    Hi! Is anyone here?
  13. Sombrero123

    Scrin = Ancient Humans?

    They just looks like an arthropod rather than "ascended" human beings. They may be one of the ancient, maybe civilized, creatures that were lived on Earth some time, but it's very hard to tell them "humans". Just add some science stuff, for example, all living stuffs on Earth shares small but essential genes, and if they (I mean Scrins) know about genetic engineering and other cool stuff, they can contact with humans, especially the "special" one. Now I have a doubt, that is, whether Kane was a human or a "Scrin"?
  14. I have some questions to be asked since this topic is the latest one: What about modding? Jimtern didn't answered the question about it, so can I assume yes?? Does anyone remembers the original installation procedure? [OFF-TOPIC] I see, in this forum, people have "ranks". Can I see the full rank guide? I want to use it on my sole purpose. Forget everything I asked here, I already found my answer or there are no answers in the world about it. dreams of meeting kind people ................ chance of taking their advice ................. are gone ............... maybe never came here .............. you will have to search it ....................... alone ......................... - some emo s***