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    Red Alert 2 campaign not working

    Yes! Thank you so much for your help. Not knowing any better, i was under the impression that the CNCNet YR client automatically fixed the issues from the games. I went in, adjusted the renderer, now the game is running smoother than ever. It even fixed an issue i was having with YR during campaign missions the game would suddenly stop working. Thanks again for all of your support.
  2. BruteForce

    Red Alert 2 campaign not working

    Alright, so i created the new folder, uninstalled and then reinstalled the game. Yuri's Revenge works but when i click on RA2, it comes up with a black screen for a few minutes, then states failed to initiate, reinstall the program. Before the attempt to fix it, i was at least able to start the game to get to the main menu, but now i can't get that far. I also installed the CNCnet program to update both games to the current version. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. BruteForce

    Red Alert 2 campaign not working

    I'm not very tech savy so my last question before i try the suggestions, which are highly appreciated, other than Program Files and Documents, where should i try putting the folder? Where do you all put yours?
  4. BruteForce

    Red Alert 2 campaign not working

    If you can see the attached image, this is what my folder looks like. The full destination address is; This PC>Documents>Red Alert 2.
  5. I followed all of the steps from the tech guide on how to get the old CD version of the game working on windows 10. I copied all of the files, downloaded the xwis, ect. The game launches and everything works until i try and access the campaign. The allied campaign says 'unable to read scenario' and when i click on the Soviet campaign, it will play through the first video and the game will close out before the interface comes on. I have gone through the RA2 directory file to ensure all the files are accounted for and they are all there. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, what did you do to solve it. I will try to play Yuri's Revenge in the meantime.