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  1. Hello everyone. I was hoping that somebody could answer a couple of questions. So, I'll preface this that this is kind of related to a different game entirely, that being Planetside 2. To make the long story short: there exists a stat tracking/overlay/voice pack mod for the game called Recursion. It lets you add custom voice packs to it, so I and my friends thought it'd be pretty damn cool to make a voice pack using the Apocalypse Tanks/ Kirovs/ Twinblades, Hammer Tanks and Tesla Troopers voice lines from the game. We don't really want to use YouTube as a source for this since those videos have background music to them that would muddy up the voice lines. So we thought we could try ripping the sound files out of the game itself. The issue is that neither I nor any of my friends have found any ways to actually go about this ( The tools I've managed to find so far either trips up my anti-virus, don't recognize the Steam version as a valid version of the game ( I only have the Steam version, sadly. ) or have non-functioning download links. ). So does anybody have any advice on how to go about this or by any sheer coincidence have these files on hand? The second best idea I have is to go into the game itself and try recording the sounds that way, but I have a feeling I'll end up missing some of the voice lines or have other units/sounds still end up muddying the result. Thanks for at least giving this post a read! P.S.: In case anybody asks, the files used by Recursion for the sounds in the voice packs are .ogg, but I'm pretty sure I can manage whatever conversions are needed so long as I have the actual sound files.