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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write these answers.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm using Untitled mod after installation GenTool I have a black screen, I think it's because I'm using the mod !!
  3. When the expert like you say the engine is shit so I guess we don't have any fix for this problem, But How about the patch Version 1.06 you posted in other thread??
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem in C&C ZH, during the playing, my game crashing and I got Technical Difficulties serious error message, I did everything to fix this error(change resolution in the option ini file, change compatibility, run as an admin) but still after 1-hour gaming the game got crashed, any idea guys?? Somehow I think because of too many units in game, the memory reaching the limit and shows the error. @Plokite_Wolf Hi, I read your post's in other threads it seems you are expert in these problem i appreciate if you could help me. My laptop spec: 12 GB RAM DDR4 Graphic: NVIDIA 1060 CPU: Core i7 7700HQ Sorry for my bad English it's my second language