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  1. Would it be possible to create a DOS version of Red Alert comparable to Nyerguds' C&C-DOS Dosbox setup? I've been poking around at the .bat and .conf files included in C&C-DOS and noticed the CD folder contains several .MIX files. Which are stored as loose files on the GDI and NOD discs for Tiberian Dawn. But, Red Alert seems to store them all in a MAIN.MIX file. I'm assuming that I may be able to pull the .MIX files contained within MAIN.MIX, extract them to separate folders, then merge them maybe? So that I could use a variation on the .bat files included with C&C-DOS (if that's acceptable, with Nyerguds' permission). Then there are the two expansions for Red Alert which seem to act a bit differently than Covert Ops for TD. I'm hoping that merging the .MIX files from all four discs will suffice in that scenario... I guess I have some experimenting to do. The patches and possible other improvements are something else to consider. From what I can tell (at a quick glance), RA-DOS only goes up to v3.03. Rather than (v3.03b?) for RA95. I think it would be nice to have a Dosbox launcher for Red Alert to match the one that Nyerguds created for TD. Of course, it is quite niche. I feel not many people still love DOS games the way I do lol. I'm becoming rather proficient with creating Dosbox .bat scripts and editing .conf with autoexec stuff. But, if anyone has constructive input let me know As of now this is just a personal project and learning experience, but if I am able to get it all set up properly I would love to release it into the wild. With Nyerguds' permission and proper credit given of course.