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    First Decade probs

    Many thanks for the help and advice... Following your guides everything bar Ra2.. installed and played great, well the titles i want to play that is.. Ra2 Played but NO-sound,, ?? the setup is a basic pc with a hdmi tv display, pc sound is generally carried over the hdmi cable ok for everything but ra2?? google-fu failed me totally i found 1 ea support post describing a similar issue with no follow up beyond the initial report ;( after weeks of spare time tweeks to ini files dxgiag runs and head scratching i on a whim paired a b/tooth sound bar to the pc, RA2 Played with full sound.. I wonder how long it will take me to get hacked off with the extra 5x or 6x remote control button presses it will take to turn on b/tooth and reset the volume level when playing ra2 .. as of now its no hassle at all so all a-ok now.. Thanks again ..
  2. Larkbox player

    First Decade probs

    HI and thanks, After a few hours of copying sources and trying to fudge fixes of dubious origin with limited success, i relented and bought a $10 E-key for the Origin Ultimate collection.. I then fell down installing origin due i believe to a requirement for the 32bit dlls from some VC++ runtime so after visiting M$ and downloading all those i now have Origin installed and all bar cnc4 installed... So i diligently deleted all the first decade sources and uninstalled DOH!! Currently its all up in the air,, I seem to have generals/zero-hour on ok, Tiberian Sun is soundless, as is Yuris Revenge, but ra2 is just a black screen atm?? not got much furthrt than that atm, cncnetlaunvher for skirmishes also runs soundless = no fancy sound set up its just the TV sound via the hdmi link.. gonna have a tidy up and rebox all the old cd's I had planned on laying back and playing cnc on the big telly this afternoon So much for chilling might start the Genrals campaign later I may revisit First decade and follow your link next w/end now.. thanks again for the input.
  3. Hi All First post here and an admission to not having done any required reading.. Reason being i am awaiting eye ops and reading is possible but a real pain in the head after a few minutes. requiering an uber squint and ay too close for comfort eyeball near screen My goal is to run all my CnC games on my brand mey larkbox pc.. I have installed all the games from cd/dvd CNC First decde, CNC3 Kanes wrath and RA3 By sharring a dvd drive on a networked laptop A quick browse in here revealed the no-cd cracks are frowned u[on, I found this t when i went looking for them.. How should i best proceed? Many thanks in advance for any help..