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  1. Doesnt that make the campaign option disappear from main menu?
  2. So, I recently got the Command And Conquer Ultimate Collection through Origin. At first it wouldn't work at all, fixed it too where all games run. Then I played Red Alert 2, too play through campaign missions. Tried the Allied campaign first, went smoothly until I got too the 6th mission Liberty, wouldn't let me complete the mission even though ALL enemies were dead, AND I had captured the White House. So I tried the Soviet campaign, again, it went smoothly until the 10th mission Weathered Alliance. Got all the way too the point where ALL Allies were cleared from first island AND captured the Allied Battle Lab, as I was supposed too, then a few minutes later it freezes. Every time I have too restart entire pc, because it completely freezes up. ANY ideas why this is happening and a solution would be great. I'm on windows 10 btw.