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  1. Hello, everyone! I'd like to introduce a new modding project I have in development for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. Do note, for the purposes of differentiating it, it is currently referred to as Project Final Hour. The official name is subject to be much different from this, however. Note that I'm not at all the best at writing documents such as this. The best way I can explain this mod is that it's intended to rework the entire storyline with the introduction of a new faction. This faction is not a nation, nor is it an alliance like the Global Liberation Army. Rather, it's a corporation. Currently, it's referred to as Storm Technologies (though this also is subject to change; I actually originally concepted this mod years ago, when my naming sense was shit). The reason behind the existence of this corporation as a separate faction is that it was formed in a similar method as the Global Liberation Army. However, rather than a loose conglomerate, it is a tightly-knit corporation. In fact, Storm Technologies specializes in advanced technology that is, however, highly experimental and thus highly volatile. You can expect to see a large number of technologies that 'detonate' upon death. However, pure GLA-style suicide is not a viable tactic as these technologies are highly expensive. On that topic, Storm Technologies has a technology path system and a developed tier system. There are a multitude of technology paths that allow for the use of varying technologies. Some examples of these technology paths are the Havoc Technology Path and the Countermeasure Technology Path. The Havoc Technology Path allows for the development of Havoc Technology, such as the advanced base defense known as the Havoc Phalanx, as well as the advanced vehicle known as the Havoc ADS. The Countermeasure Technology Path is exactly what it says on the tin. It unlocks advanced countermeasures such as the advanced base defense known as the Countermeasure Zone, which is effectively a large-area-coverage tower that provides a variety of countermeasures for projectiles, missiles, infantry, etc. These technology paths culminate in some extremely powerful technology. However, as you might expect, there are tradeoffs for each, such as the fact that much of this technology is extremely expensive and thus can cost far more than even a superweapon. However, Storm Technologies will not be alone here. Each faction with have their own paths and tiers system, yet not to the extent of Storm Technologies. As a whole, Storm Technologies is extremely powerful; thus they will be balanced in part by a far heavier emphasis on choosing a path and working your way up the tiers over time. As such, you can't just expect to advance up to the highest tiers by early-or-mid-game. Each tier has requirements. This mod also will incorporate an entirely new campaign that focuses on Storm Technologies as the new 'antagonists'. The basic concept of the storyline is that Storm Technologies is comprised by many of the different technology firms that split off from their respective nations after the events of the Generals Zero Hour campaign. I however would like more of a storyline to be written. However, I can't do this by myself. I can only do so much with the tools I use. I can modify game files to an extent, but in no way am I an expert in any field. I currently am not a modeler. I am not an animator. Et cetera. Because of this, I am hiring a team. I however cannot provide any payment whatsoever; this will be an entirely nonprofit team. You may also feel free to discuss this project within this thread. Feel free to provide suggestions or anything you'd like. Suggestions, tips, tricks, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it. I love you all.