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  1. #Solved I just realized after reading some comments here, that besides RA3 Mod SDK and WB 1.12 SDK, I need to combine it with Bibber RA3 Mod SDK Expansion and Bibber RA3 Mod SDK WB Expansion, after that just follow the tutorial above and it works... ================================================================================================================= Hi, may I ask? I just watch on YouTube about RA3 mod games, and decided to try making a simple mod. There are very few tutorial about that, and I'm desperate even make a simple mod likes above nothing works for me. There are no error when building the mod, but after copying the .skudef and. big file to RA3 document's folder and start the game through control panel, nothing has changes.. Can someone please help me? Ah, and inside my big file there are only mod.xml and AlliedBarracks.xml files