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  1. Hello guys i was trying for hours to add infantry from Yuri Revenge to the normal Red Alert 2 I have The Ultimate Collection from Origin I went to take the unit details from rulesmd.ini & artmd.ini TO rules.ini & art.ini I was able to add the infantry with the right name by adding its name to language.mix but it seems that I miss some stuff, the unit appears in-game invisible, and I can't select it unless I find it and click on it as well as the weapon has no sound when shooting and invisible. the infantry I am trying to add from Yuri Revenge has the following names [ARND] / Arnold / UIName=Name:Hero3 / Arnie Frankenfurter I want to add this infantry as fully with his animations and his weapon and sounds to Red Alert 2 Any help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance .