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  1. The render distance can be increased via either; a) an inbuilt map script (based on https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/downloads/remove-zoom-limits-exploit-map1); - WorldBuilder - Open Map - Edit - Scripts - (neutral) - New Script - increaseCameraDepth - Select Tab - Actions if True - Delete Null Operation - New - Camera - Adjust - Change the camera depth of field - Modify normal depth of Frustrum by 100.00 (1.0 = normal, < 1.0 shortens frustrum, > 1.0 lengthens.) b) a mod script; ExecuteAction("SET_CAMERA_CLIP_DEPTH_MULTIPLIER", Camera_Clip_Depth) The maximum camera zoom can be changed via either; a) an inbuilt map script; - WorldBuilder - Open Map - Edit - Edit Map Settings - Camera Behaviour:Min/Max Height b) a mod script; ExecuteAction("CAMERA_SET_DEFAULT", 0.00, 0.00 , Camera_Max_Zoomable_Height) However this method is not robust and results in increasing health bar widths. Details regarding robustly changing the maximum camera zoom height are more complicated and are found here; https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20028-how-to-combine-gamedataini-in-wrathed/ https://www.moddb.com/mods/meta-mod (demonstration) To generalise a script to the entire game (based on https://www.moddb.com/downloads/60-fps-no-superweapon-option-box-mod); - create a mod with a dummy unit (e.g. 60FPS_Related.xml:SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayer) - set the dummy unit to trigger the startup script event (e.g. 60FPS_Related.xml:AILuaEventsList="SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayerEvent") - modify the game setup to spawn the dummy unit (e.g. data\ini\playertemplate.ini:SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayer) - define the script event (e.g. data\scripts\scriptevents.xml:<EventList Name="SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayerEvent">) - set script event to execute the script (e.g. ScriptFunctionName="SpawnSlowDownGame50PercentDummy") - define the script (e.g. data\scripts\scripts.lua:function SpawnSlowDownGame50PercentDummy)
  2. How does one independently change/mod the Command and Conquer 3 map render distance? Where is this value stored (e.g. to make it 3 times higher)?