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  1. I don't know any mods to download but that idea sounds pretty cool... I'm going to look into making a structure that's gives money, I think I can do it. I haven't done any 3d / textures modding but I can get the scripting side done pretty sure... what do u want the building to do exactly , how much money how often. Upgrades?
  2. I'm having an issue when building my Mod related to the sound assets referenced in the GameObject xmls. It comes up critical error, sound asset not found in stream. This only happens for some units however and it really got me lost. The way I get my Xmls and edit them is as follows. Open wrathed, open skudef, find gameobject. Click and copy and paste the xml into notepad++. And from what I gathered, wrathed is buggy with audio so it is required to add AudioEvent and Multisound to all sound references. So I simply would add them before the sound name. For example, I would change... Sound="Nod_Venom_Select" to Sound="AudioEvent:Nod_Venom_Select" This method has worked for all structures, WeaponTemplates, and even some units. But I've gotten a few times for some units where it cannot find the sound assets for some reason. I don't store any of the sound data in my mod, so why isn't it just finding the in-game data like all my structure GameObjects are? If I compile without adding the AudioEvent it goes through but with no sound of course. Sorry for not being able to post actual examples I'm at work atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated