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  1. I've been trying to edit the AI's use of the Allied MCV, so that it would build it immediately whenever its construction yard gets destroyed. However, despite modifying everything so the AI can achieve this, it doesn't build an MCV when it's construction yard is destroyed after having already selected an enemy, which could be another house or neutral. Is there any way to fix this? Here's what I have so far... (For some reason, the Soviet AI's use of building MCV is perfectly normal, it will always build an MCV when its construction yard gets destroyed regardless if it has selected an enemy or not, depending on being my ally or enemy in Team Alliance for skirmish) Allied MCV Support team: <none> Side: Allies Owner: <none> Tech Level: 2 Trigger When: AI owns AMOUNT of TECH TYPE Operator: Equal to Amount: 0 Tech type: Allied Construction Yard [GACNST] Minimum Weight: 5000 Initial Weight: 5000 Maximum Weight: 5000 For the MCV TeamType --------------------------------------------------------------- Script: General MCV Deploy Task Force: 1 Allied MCV Group: No Group (Recommended) House: <none> Mind Control Decision: Don't use this logic Veterancy: Rookie Max: 1 Priority: 50 Tech Level: 0 Aggressive? no Annoyance? yes Are Team Members Recruitable? yes Auto Create? yes Avoid Threats? yes Drop Pod? no Full? no Guard Slower? no Immune To Ion Storms? no Is Base Defense? yes Loadable? no Loose Recruit? no On Transport Only? no Only Target House Enemy? no Prebuild? no Recruiter? no Reinforce? no Suicide? yes Transports Return On Unload? no Use Transport Origin? no Whiner? yes The trigger weights are all 5000, it is also IsBaseDefense=yes, and Whiner=yes.