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  1. Cyborg_Commando

    kane after tiberian sun

    hmm.....and what about his face? in Tiberian Sun his face was misformed by tiberium and he had to wear some sort of mask and now he has a normal face?
  2. Cyborg_Commando

    kane after tiberian sun

    can someone tell me if it is explained in the intel database how kane managed to escape from death
  3. Cyborg_Commando

    Is the Kane Edition Worth it?

    for me that would be a YES
  4. Cyborg_Commando

    Fire some questions!

    hi, I've got a question about the AI's on all sides: - does GDI still have EVA? - how is cabal replaced? - and what about the scrin?
  5. Cyborg_Commando

    stuck in Firestorm (gdi mission)

    thanks for your replies guys I finally figured it out, after a long search.. I deployed several Mobile Sensor Arrays all over the map It turned out that there was a small area with a stealth generator that was surrounded by 6 advanced power plants I thought I'd destroyed everything but apperently I was wrong anyway thanks for the help grtz
  6. Cyborg_Commando

    stuck in Firestorm (gdi mission)

    almost totally sure, I don't see anything else I even killed my own cyborgs and reapers, to make sure that every cyborg was killed, but no result... and I've also destroyed some civilian buildings like 'water reservoirs' but again no effect :?
  7. hi guys, I recently began playing TS Firestorm again but now I'm stuck in this one mission it's the level where you have to put an infected cyborg into cabals' tech centers now I've wasted everyone and as far as I know everything of cabal's forces, but still my mission isn't complete I've searched all over the map but there's nothing left could this be a bug of some kind??? grtz
  8. Cyborg_Commando

    Best CnC Team of all time

    it would be too much power under your control :lol:
  9. Cyborg_Commando


    why do you have to destroy it?? just place walls around the veins, they can't penetrate it!!
  10. Cyborg_Commando

    TD VS RA

    TD storyline is THE BEST and it was especially nice when Kane made his appearance in the soviet campaign
  11. Cyborg_Commando

    Best CnC Team of all time

    Nope NOD has efficient base defenses, just look at the Obelisk of Light and in the field -> artillery units, deployed tick tanks, hidden stealth tanks and last but not least the Banshee
  12. Cyborg_Commando

    mutant hijacker

    most pics/concepts I found was at http://www.cnc-source.com/gallery/
  13. Cyborg_Commando

    internal error

    what's your OS?
  14. Cyborg_Commando

    Dozer or Construction Yard?

    a CONYARD in the next C&C game or no game at all!! no serious hopefully it will have a CY otherwise it's not really a C&C game
  15. Cyborg_Commando

    Tanya or Boris or Yuri Prime (fixed)

    yeah but tanya has to get close to units to place C4 and it isn't very efficient