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  1. It is now under HKEY_LOCLAL_MACHINESoftwareElectronic ArtsEA GamesCommand and Conquer the First Decade
  2. I think there is either a major bug or conflict with C&C First Decade Edition. The mod selector only seems to see directories one depth and it seems to ignore characters such as and & which are the default paths used by C&C First Decade. Anyway to manually set the directory? The change directory function in the program is nearly useless.
  3. carage

    Best Mammoth Tank?

    Nothing can take on the Emperor Tank one on one, unless it's a plane or superweapon. Your example is 3 vs 1...and the Emperor Tank still costs less. 700x3+300x15=6600 > 1900+I forgot how much the Gattling Gun upgrade costs.
  4. carage

    Best Mammoth Tank?

    I'd vote for the MK-II in Tiberian Sun, but the MK-II is supposed to be a special unit which you could only build one at a time. (Westwood's claim that the decision was a hardware constraint sounds really laughable with today's processing power) Therefore, if we were asking a mass produced regular unit, I would vote for the Emperor Tank. Self healing, dual barrels, and a mini-gun for anti-infantry and anti-air, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, it could add some speed, even after the nuclear upgrade it's still too slow.
  5. carage

    Best airfighter/chopper

    I voted for the helix, especially one loaded with infantry general's chaingun redguards. That is even scarier than a column of Emperor Tanks.
  6. There is, it is under the Body tag.
  7. carage

    Politics of Generals

    Well...tons of people in Japan condemns the US for dropping those bombs. Did you know the original Gojira (Godzilla) movie was made as a protest against nuclear weapons?
  8. carage

    Politics of Generals

    Well, that mission might be quite accurate. The problem isn't moving American heavy armor into the city and capture it, and that column of Crusader tanks was more than enough to do the job. The problem is controlling it, and that is not the objective of a RTS game.
  9. carage

    Politics of Generals

    Yeah...The bomb in Tiananmen Square and blowing up the dam was pretty tasteless, but that kinda serves as a reminder that pure military might doesn't mean invincibility. Besides, Taiwan's government really considered blowing up the new dam as an act of retaliation if invaded. I heard that EA actually removed one of the GLA missions that required gassing villagers and Islamic symbols.
  10. carage

    Politics of Generals

    Well, as far as I am concerned, many Taiwanese players were extremely enraged (me being one of them) when the original Generals ad featured a picture of red guard patrolling with the caption reading something like "defeating the GLA will not be easy as a walk on Yang Ming Shan Park"... Yang Ming Shan Park is on the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan, so this indicates the Chinese Communists invaded the island and actually occupied it!
  11. carage


    I agree that the user is the most important force and I agree with your first two examples. However, I am not quite sure about the third one, those EMP Patriots really gave me a headache early in the game, and the situation gets worse further into the game when she gets Aurura Alphas too and lots of particle cannons.
  12. carage

    TibEd 2 alpha 13 released

    You already can edit unit hitpoints, it's under Body of each unit.
  13. carage

    TibEd 2 alpha 13 released

    Kudos for some fine work... I heard you can actually change the POV/Viewing Angle by editing GameData.ini, any idea how that works?
  14. carage

    help is what i need lads

    Thanks, problem solved!
  15. carage

    Scorpion Bug?

    That isn't necceasarily the issue, as I have a 5950U and I still see such problems occasionally. It seems to happen more often when you have large groups of mixed units of major differences in speed. The game has an odd pathfinding and automatic formation AI as it seems to try to rearrange the slower units while the fast units don't move at all.