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  1. Geese Ya Gotta BE A Rude Jerk Dont You..all i asked was if someone would if ur gonna come out & say somethink like that ..well f u to ... . i am willing to pay someone 15 $ & trust me it wont be u .. Somone Please Make Me That Mod PlEasE
  2. Hey I Was woundering if you modder could help me out ... i dont no how to mod i wish i did.... but i am asking if one of u modders can make me a mod. i have been playrenegade a lot latley Adn i been think abought this mod, A Mod For The Stealth Tank ... Make A Mod to Were It Has A Bud Plant On It .. And When U Get In Th Vehicle It Says Wann Smoke Some WeeD ... Thats the Mod I Want ... IF one Of U guys Can Make IT..I Am Willing To Help U Out In Any Way!!!!...Ill Make U A Website. Or Formus Ill Give U Some $$ If I Need No More Than 15$ Thow Im Brok .. & Ill Do More If Some On Will Make That Mod For Me..... 8)