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    tibed not working

    A) I did as you said. I found out that my dad`s ms hidden files and temp cleaner program was programed to delete the temp folder and I modified it so it would`nt. C) i rebooted. D)it works again. E) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D F) THANK YOU KOEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. shawn

    tibed not working

    it still doesn`t work! :x
  3. shawn

    tibed not working

    okay, I checked and a) my computer says TMP=C:WINDOWSTEMP and NOT temp= folder TEMP did not exist, so I created it. C) afterwards, it did`nt work.
  4. no, I mean when you build the building it looks like a companant tower with a turret e.g. mammoth tank turret, vulcan cannon, rpg, sam, hover mlrs turret etc. already on it. I already know how to make upgrades to buildings.
  5. uuumm... I still don`t get it. :? so i splice the voxels or what?
  6. shawn


    what the heck are you talking about? It`s eaasy to change the number of cluster pieces! (i`m guessing you are talking about ts) you just change Cluster= to let`s say... 30. (just joking. that would slow the game down like crazy) But make sure you have an airburst weapon, and if that`s new, be sure to give it so an unbuildable unit/inf.
  7. like a gactwr with a turret already. by the way, what tags? :?
  8. I want to make it so that i can build a companant tower with a turret vulcs, rpgs, 4tnks, sams, disrupters, you know. anyway, I at first tryed it by taking the companant tower and the vulcan cannons shps and renaming them to Mgtwr and Mgtwrtur, respetively. then I made a building with the art entry i made for the building. here is the art entry and the rules entry. [Mgtwr] Image=Mgtwr Remapable=yes Normalized=yes Cameo=TWR1ICON Foundation=1x1 Buildup=GACTWRMK DemandLoadBuildup=true FreeBuildup=true NewTheater=yes ActiveAnim=GACTWR_A ActiveAnimZAdjust=-39 PrimaryFireFLH=162,30,90 SecondaryFireFLH=162,-30,90 ; cwwst cannon minigun [cwwstbd2] Name=cwwst cannon minigun Image=Mgtwr Armor=wood Owner=Civilian,SDE0001 Prerequisite=cwwstbarr Primary=cannonmg Secondary=cannonmg TechLevel=2 Sight=7 Cost=150 Points=30 RadarVisible=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 Power=-20 Turret=yes IsBaseDefense=yes when i build it, it just disappears completely. by that i mean you can`t see it, select it, and you can build over it, drive/walk over it. please help! my new side does need defending buildings!
  9. shawn

    tibed not working

    nope, registry didn`t work. as a bonus i read where the program thought the dta files where, and it was right. oh, and i`ve been trying running it from the folder, nope. on a side note, i found that on registry key was telling tibed to look in another folder, but that was just for if you opened a .tib file straight from explorer. nothing else. and after i corrected the entry in question, it didn`t do squat. except now tibed dosn`t say "you do not have the correct dta file for this tibed changes file." by the way keon, can you upload the programs files alone without the installler? it might work. (p.s., i said without installer because then we will see if it`s the registry or not.)
  10. shawn

    tibed not working

    a) i`ve had it installed in the same place before it didn`t work, and i tryed installing it somewhere else after. it didn`t work. c) I just remembered something. the first time this error happend, tibed said something like (i`m just interpreting this) the file that holds the information to keep track of the days you`re using tibed lost data or something. then, the timer went to 0. but when i clicked on a game to edit, it went to 99 again, then it crashed. 'note: this may not be what happend. it was a long time ago, and at the time I figured if I left it alone it would be fine.' d) it dos`nt work with ra2 or yr either.
  11. shawn

    tibed not working

    i`m running windows 98. funny (and tragic) thing, it used to work. you see, i`ve used tibed for 2 years now on and off, then i had bought mercinaries: playground of destruction for xbox and only played that for oh... about a month. then i came back to tibed a month ago. it didn`t work. so i just played something else until i came up with an idea for a new side, (i`ve since forgot it) so i went straight to tibed, and i`m greeted with a load of error. i sent it in to tech support, (two weeks ago now) and decided that i would have to use sunedit 2k (which went out of business and made freeware) and ts. did i mention what a pain editing with sunedit is? anyway, after a while, i posted here for help. oh, and with sunedit, the thing hides half of the options! after i finish with sunedit, then i have to go into rules.ini itself, and thats a pain too. oh well, please please please help me!!!
  12. you should try rapidshare. 50mb a file (you can upload unlimited) and free!
  13. some problems with tibed on my computer: a) won`t load anything. tried fixing by: uninstallreinstall of tibed + ra2 + yr + ts + fs + altogether + deleteing all registry entries created or installed with these programs. result: nothing. here`s what and when plus what it might be: it starts off normally. but as soon as you try to load any dta file for any game, when the progress ba reaches 0% a error comes up saying: TibEd Runtime Error Runtime error 75: Path/File access error Error occured in sub: DTAExtract(DefAI.ini,BeforeOpenOutput) Please report this exact message to TibEd tech support! Cancel (exit TibEd) or Retry (attempt to continue)? Retry Cancel click retry and get: TibEd Runtime Error Runtime error 52: Bad file name or number Error occured in sub: DTAExtract(DefAI.ini,AfterOpenOutput) Please report this exact message to TibEd tech support! Cancel (exit TibEd) or Retry (attempt to continue)? Retry Cancel let try retry again: TibEd Unable to create file: DTAExtract of DefAI.ini because it`s read-only! Please report this exact error message to VDSP Tech support ok click ok and: TibEd Runtime Error Runtime Error 52: Badfile name or number Error occured in Sub: DTAExtract(DefAI.ini,AfterAttrCheck) Please Report thi exact message to TibEd Tech Support! Cancel (exit TibEd) or retry (attempt to continue)? Retry Cancel now, to see all the other errors, just change DefAI.ini to DefArt.ini to DefArtFS.pat to InitMainIni(PatchFile) (for only the first error with that last one) to DefBatFS.ini to Firestrm.ini to: well, you get the idea. and if you click retry and ok again and again it gets you to: TibEd Run-Time Error '75': Path/File acces error ok then tibed exits. same thing in ra2 dta file, (it`s easy to see i gave you fs errors if you read the ini filenames) exept ra2`s ini names are different. please help me koen!
  14. shawn

    Chrono on Generals ZH

    i dont have genarals, but if it still uses locomoters, if you take them out altogether, the unit should teleport. it works in ts and in ra2 (though you have chrono effects in ra2), so maybe it`ll work in genarals? ( don`t get mad if i`m wrong: it probably won`t as genarals in a new engine altogether, and ra2 has had the same engine as ra1 since ts was based on ra1, then ra2 was based on ts.)