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  1. In the modern world, great leaders resolve conflicts with words like Scud Launcher: http://www.businessinsider.com/syria-threatens-scud-missile-strikes-israeli-airstrikes-2017-3 Carpet Bombing: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/russia-kills-150-isis-fighters-8650767, http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/chapman/ct-trump-cruz-carpet-bombing-chapman-perspec-1217-20151216-column.html Tomahawk Missle: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/06/us-military-has-launched-more-50-than-missiles-aimed-at-syria-nbc-news.html GLA (ISIS) infiltrating and invading Europe. USA dropping MOABS on them. Rise of China as regional power, facing terrorist networks (Uighurs) General Assad..I mean Thrax deploying chemical weapons..
  2. GeneralZ

    Anyone playing Renegade X?

    Thought I'd pop my head back in here and ask if any1 else is playing. You'll find me (ZTDelta) about on the less populated aka 16-20ish player servers as I avoid the usually full servers like Jelly.
  3. http://wolfenstein.bethsoft.com/game_NA.php play wolfenstein 3d for free to celebrate 20th anniversary!! loved this awesome game, was all i wanted to play after school in 1st grade lol.
  4. GeneralZ

    Avengers Movie

    cant get enough of ironman. downey has him down perfect
  5. GeneralZ

    Epic Mafia

    www.epicmafia.com My bro showed me this site, and I've been playing this nonstop last few days. For a simple game, does it really well. Should really try this out =P
  6. GeneralZ

    I'm Back

    hai guys. wow havent been here since high school. luk3us and fenris are still here O.o all this time wow. eager for a generals 2 to revive the C&C franchise.
  7. GeneralZ

    What is your favorite GDI logo?

    the specialized C&C3 gdi faction logos are the best. first 3 are boring.
  8. GeneralZ

    Now Playing - Games

    i still have an active swtor account, play the occasional dcuo and bf3, but LoL is a great game to play with friends. sit down for a pickup game with friends and a single game is usually only 45min.
  9. GeneralZ

    I'm Back

    as a concession i've removed the xfire box. can i be grandfathered in at least as regards to the sig picture =P?
  10. GeneralZ

    Now Playing - Games

    any League of Legends players here?
  11. GeneralZ

    I'm Back

    I stopped when i started college and was turned into a blizzard fanboy by WoW. I'm now a graduating senior, been WoW-free for over a year, and plan to have a lot of free time as i start my phd studies in the fall. Though I did buy sc2, will get d3, and may resuscribe WoW to try out pandas. I recently picked up C&C 4 for the first time and its kinda annoying to play.
  12. GeneralZ

    Consumerist Votes EA As Worst Company In The US

    poor bioware, ea is milking that studio's brand to cover their weaker games
  13. personally the only C&C game which i enjoy replaying over and over is Generals/ZH and RA2. I can't stand to play singleplayer more than twice on RA3 or C&C 3. Funny how WoW Battlechest and Burning Crusade are on that list, despite being several years old. Wrath of the Lich King will dominate November and December lists.... Its what I'm playing right now. RA3 had the bad timing of coming out around the same time as WotLK. I like C&C, but I'd pick the new WoW expansion over RA3 anyday. Its onwards to lvl 80 for me. Also I find people more receptive to playing WoW than C&C. I've gotten most of my friends into WoW recently, and them all getting WoW Battlechest helped contribute to its #6 slot. Getting people into C&C on the other hand was much more difficult, I'd have to lend them my discs and then they'd just beat it once and lose interest or torrent it. On the other hand, I just get people 10 day free trials of WoW, and that usually hooks them in enough to buy the whole game and pay monthly. Maybe EA should try demos and free trials, Blizzard doesn't need to market itself that much, it can rely on its current suscribers to pull in more. Hence any package of WoW comes with 2 10 day trial keys to give out to friends, and you can do it directly on their website too. Hell they even reward players who bring in their friends, for each suscriber you refer, you get a free month of gameplay, a zebra mount, double exp when leveling with ur friend and the ablity to summon him to your location anywhere. that was a huge incentive for wow players, and both my brother and I got the benefits by recruiting our friends, and so have most of the people i play with. Hence when people promote wow to their friends, they actually have something to gain for it cause nothing else will motivate humans more. Of course if they do that, they'll actually need to make missions longer, harder, have more substance. Beating a campaign in 1 day won't cut it. I remember when Generals was released as a Demo with the C&C Collection. (the original one with renegade and everything before that) It only had the first china and gla missions, but i enjoyed them so much I'd play the demo over and over, and was excited to get my hands on the full version. This may seem sacrilege, but Generals/ZH is still my favorite C&C game, despite it not being true C&C. EA is also an evil backstabber. I got the collector's edition C&C 3, for its exclusive content, the special maps and stuff. Then they release the maps public. I'm not wasting my money on any stupid collector's edition when there are no real added benefits. So I got normal RA3 edition instead or premier. Now the wow expansion collector's edition, they actually made it worth having, with a full artbook, ingame exlusives, a really cute flying dragon minipet. Plus you know if you don't open it, its actually worth money, its really a Collector's edition. The original wow collector's edition unopened sells for hundreds of dollars today.
  14. **** EA. I'M NOT BUYING FROM EA. They crossed the line with Spore. And they're doing the same thing to RA3. EA needs to stop treating its customers like criminals. I'm offended by what they're doing, therefore I will not be their customer. Someone who buys the game isn't going to pirate it. But EA thinks every1 who buys the game is also going to download it illegally online. **** DRM I've already passed 5 installs on C&C 3. If that was RA3, I'd need to call them everytime I want to install it now. So I can't install it on a bunch of PCs to have a Lan Game, and they all need to be able to connect online to activate. If I don't have ready internet at the moment, then I can't play the game. Spore is even worse. Only 3 installs WTF. I'm not ever buying EA as long as they have DRM protection. May EA burn and die. I wasn't a EA hater b4. I actually liked them. Now they are the top of my Hate List. May their sales of Spore and RA3 fail and fail.
  15. GeneralZ

    Westwood VS Blizzard at 1UP.com

    This is coming from someone who definitely never got past lvl 20. Huge landscapes with few doodads? Have you ever explored Outlands on a flying mount? Wow landscapes are pretty rich and very interactive. And you don't get voice acting an mmorpg. I dont give a damn about Diablo and I still dislike Starcraft. C&C is still my favorite RTS, but its left me feeling rather empty. Have you played C&C regularly, online, every night for several years? I have, and looking back upon it, its not that replayable. Kane's Wrath promised to be like ZH for vanilla gen, but it was very dissapointing. WoW on the other hand, has delivered what I expected and more, engaging its players deeply into Warcraft lore. I started WoW with absolutely no background knowledge, but the it has explored and piqued my curiosity. As of now, the epic endgame boss to kill is Illidan, requiring a 25-man raid. Illidan is one of the major epic characters in Warcraft lore, how's that for interaction. (Tiberium FPS should allow GDI players to kill Kane at the end ) But again WoW is a MMORPG, the industry standard, in a class on its own. It shouldn't be compared to C&C, its like comparing apples and oranges, but it sure a better alternative If we stick purely to the RTS genre, C&C is the winner. However, the 1UP comparison was Blizzard v.s. Westwood, not Warcraft/Starcraft v.s. C&C. Blizzard has managed to develop their story, expand from an RTS to a juggernaut MMORPG, much broader and successful in terms of financial success as well as marketshare/fans. From an industry perspective, Blizzard is the obvious winner, with more revenue, a broader and crazier fanbase (the koreans), and wider distribution/marketshare. Blizzard has managed to do well in traditional U.S./European Markets, but it has also made deep inroads into Asia, something C&C can't match up to. Conclusion: Westwood won the RTS battle, but Blizzard won the War overall. Thus 1UP's conclusion stands correct In the end, poor Westwood got eaten up by EA, which is going down the drain, while Blizzard is going strong, merging with Activision, another hugely successful company that manages to get its games just right (quality over quantity), allowing them to take on EA. Just check Xfire's main page. In the top 10 games played. 4 of them belong to Actilizzard, and the Top 3 are all Actilizzard: WoW at #1, COD 4 at #2 and COD 2 at #3. Problem with EA, is that it spends too much money on superficial stuff, marketing on big name series and expansions, hiring actors to hype up its games, and deliver rushed games that are lacking. Activision and Blizzard don't release nearly as many games as EA, but each game released is done well, very deep, thought-out and a fulfilling experience, that is very replayable. EA wants you excited over a game, play it for a month, get ****** about it, then get hyped over the next expansion/game and forget everything before, and then buy that game, rinse and repeat. Although they tried to avoid that in C&C 3, they still fell into the same trap. C&C 3 was on top 10 Xfire for the first 2 weeks, then dropped off right afterwards. P.S. Hey doctor destiny, what realm do you play on?
  16. GeneralZ

    Westwood VS Blizzard at 1UP.com

    I agree with their final choice. While Westwood was the innovator, Blizzard was the one who finetuned more, while also building a single consistent storyline and adding more content and exploring their universe. C&C did that, but it wasn't a focused, with RA2 and TS as different spinnoffs in alternate dimensions. Warcraft universe is one big epic story and World of Warcraft just allowing the players to explore more. In WoW, you meet the same NPCs and locations made famous in the RTS battles of Warcraft II and III. Also look at how their paths have diverged. Westwood was bought over by EA, and their quality has suffered, focusing more on quantity than quality. Blizzard takes a much longer time to release each game, but gets it perfect everytime. The facts can speak for themselves, over 3 million in suscribers (including me lol) paying 180$ a year (thats like 3 new pc game releases a year), WoW is just a juggernaut C&C can only hope to look up to. This is how EA screwed up C&C and once loyal C&C fans like me have shifted to WoW. Sonic you do not understand WoW at all. WoW expansions is not beating a deadhorse, its exploring and giving the fans more of what they really want. Wrath of the Lich King is set in Northrend, the place where Arthas went mad and merged with the Lich King in Warcraft III. WoW doesnt need to innovate its gameplay, when its already really good, they're exploring and going into detail the story that every blizzard player knows. There is a huge history and story behind the new expansion pack thats has been set into place by the RTS games, similiar to what Tiberium is trying to do to C&C. Besides C&C has a lot more expansions that Warcraft. Isnt that what's already happening?
  17. GeneralZ

    Official CNCNZ.com C&C 3 Tournament #2

    i'm not a serious C&C player as both luk3us and crdgohan beat me in 1v1. i wasnt a 1v1 player to start with and plus I only play C&C 3 only occasionally. so i'll have to decline from entering, as if i do, i would actually need to start playing C&C 3 actively to get my game back up. i'm playing Team fortress 2 every day and C&C 3 like once a week. :lol:
  18. GeneralZ

    Now I'm Thinking With Portals

    dont just get portal. get orange box. its a much better deal. while portal is fun, its TEAM FORTRESS 2 THAT IS AWESOME. I've been playing it all week damn fun game.
  19. GeneralZ

    Official CNCNZ.com C&C 3 Tourney

    HOST A 2V2 TOURNEY! you can count me in if luk3us and tsbo are a team, i'll bring my own m8 to play in the tourney.
  20. GeneralZ

    Patch 1.09 for C&C 3 Now Available

    i have started to play C&C 3 again. Patch is awesome. already got 5 games online with it. good work EA! less money = less spamming rocket guys the main reason i love it is cause it cuts down on waste and spam. my own strat is already streamlined, so the patch actually has no effect on me. It just makes everything extremely lean, theres no extra cash. It also makes losing a building hurt a lot more. make every single unit and building count. hey luk3us, wanna play a game sometime?
  21. I havent been on here for quite some time now, but since the expansion is announced, I thought i'd gradually settle back in. I just need to vent my opinions about C&C 3, how its so dissapointed me. I have not played C&C 3 for some time now. When it first came out, withint the first 2 months, I played like a fanatic. I was a hardcore player, with the attitude, if you cant take a fast tank rush or rush faster, than too bad. My response to being beaten was, I'm too slow, gotta speed it up. Went for everything to minimize delays, down to actually setting macros on my G15 keyboard to reduce the time by a few seconds, such as typing E and then F10 at the start of a match to build a crane. C&C 3 has been praised for its fast fluid gameplay, and I enjoyed it for a bit. When the patch came out, I also had no problems with it, only difference was to use more mixed units and more strategy, I thought it hurt players with less tactical abilities more, in other words, noobs. Problem is, it was hard to stay devoted to the game. Endless of nights of similiar games, with the same people. When you found good players, you added them to buddies and played them again and again. Their gamestyle rarely changed radically, except when they found a better BO and strat, which was then copied and tweaked by all the other pros. My own strat was almost identical to the top ranked player at the time, having copied it after playing him. The only difference was reaction times and battlefield sense, (having a good sense of whats happening all at once). The game became boring. Its not fun doing the same thing everytime, the only relief was the adrenaline rush when the action came on. You learn every trick in the book, because the game is 1 word: SIMPLE. I stopped playing C&C 3, and found a drug, World of Warcraft. I'm not going to praise it, other than its one of the best games I've ever played. Anyway, my main gripe about C&C 3, what made it boring so fast, was the lack of actual fun units. If you break down C&C 3, its very simple rts concepts, the light scout vehicle, the tier 1 spammable tank, the tier 2 advanced tank, the artillery, and the infantry transport vehicle. GDI and Nod are no fun to play with, even the avatar sucked cause it was so weak. Scrin were the only fun unit to play with, with their zerglish looks and funky tech, but they were consistently beaten out by GDI, with their weak tier 1 units. I currently find every other C&C game to be more fun than C&C 3 mainly because they had fun cool units to toy around with. Red Alert was fun, with the chrono tech, the abilities and naval warfare. The RA expansions were even more awesome, with chrono tank, shock trooper, and fun units to play around. Tiberian Sun continued with fun units just as well. Subterranean APCs, hover mlrs, even the mammoth MK 2 with that rail gun that goes through anything was just awesome to play. It was fun, watching a chem missile turn a group of guys in visceroids and wreak havoc in ur enemy's base. I once blew up my own WF when the MK2 fired at an enemy and the beam went through the building. It was funny and fun, and cool to talk about. RA2 was no exception, Prism tanks FTW, giant squids and dolphins. Fun to play, fun to watch. Yuri brought in Mind control, more fun stuff. Generals did not have it full share of fun units, but it was a lot more tactical. But it had the angry mobs "AK 47s for EVERY1 YAY!" and there was the dragon tank and toxin tractor, fun to use. Everything cept the infantry was awesome, every tank was good, and every aircraft was useful in sumway or another. ZH put the fun in fun. Combat chinooks, Demo bikes, Nuke migs and tanks, that was the best stuff ever! Damn fun to play and still fun to play to this day. The varied units led to many unique strategies, my favorite of all was the assualt troop transport and listening outpost rush with inf gen. Now we come back to C&C 3, what fun units are there? Sure a few units have cool abilities like jumppacks and stratofighter, but its not really fun. Its barebone rts. It has all the nuts and bolts of an RTS game, with nothing really unique and nuts to play with, slapped with a C&C label and hyped with actors. You'd expect that many years after Tiberian Sun, they'd have more advanced technology, but they seemed to have downgraded all their technology to C&C 1 era. You'd think there would be at least 1 hover tank in the GDI side, they have the technology, (Hover MLRS), but its more like our military capablities today. This is what screwed C&C 3 in my opinion. The singleplayer is also very lacking. I've only played singleplayer for C&C 3 once, and I never touched it again, it was not fun to play again. Only the scrin missions were fun. I've played every other C&C singleplayer multiple times, while their storylines was not so developed, more thought was put into each mission. All the old C&C games had 7-8ish missions, each one a fun and well thought out. C&C 3 has over 20 missions, in multiple theaters, and each missions feels more like a skirmish game than a mission. EA went for quantity over quality this time, and hiring actors to try to put some life into it cant disguise that not enough thought was put into each mission. The game's popularity has indeed dropped. If you kept up to date with Xfire top 10 games played. C&C 3 was indeed in the top 10 played when it came out. But its not fun to keep playing for long, its taken a big drop in popularity, a lot of my friends have stopped playing. It nowhere near that list now, overtaken by the games that have consistent players. Currently, C&C 3 is dead, in my opinion. My only hope the expansion to C&C 3 will revive the game. It needs to put fun units in, and bring the funky tech back into C&C 3, which is how C&C stands out in the crowd. I now hang onto to every bit of news for the Expansion, hoping it will do to the game what ZH did to Generals. I'm still a loyal C&C fan, but severelyl dissapointed by what C&C 3 has to offer. As of today, I've abandoned C&C 3. Zero Hour is more fun to play, and I play it occasionally, but WoW has occupied my attention with its 2nd expansion announced. I return to the community hoping the expansion will prove C&C to be the best RTS series, otherwise I will come away again dissapointed and empty handed.
  22. GeneralZ

    C&C 3 Failures and Hopes

    sure . one of the reasons acting uppity was to goad you into playing me. but theres no ill will. i stopped playing C&C 3 too, so i cant say i'm better anymore. i wont even waste time explaining. i wasnt attacking noobs, i was complaining about C&C 3 I look foward to playing Universe at War. I played eaw like a maniac, and petro should be able to turn out another fun game. I guess thats one prob about me. Once i find a game to settle in, I play like a fanatic, several hours straight everyday. like wow right now :lol: (must reach lvl 70 b4 expansion comes out!)
  23. GeneralZ

    Patch 1.05 Full Notes Revealed

    not with Scrin. The rule with scrin is. NEVER GIVE THEM MORE THAN 5 MINUTES TO LIVE. Massed tripods with shields or lots of carriers or stormriders are perfectly capable of taking on mammys with rail guns.
  24. GeneralZ

    New Files for C&C 3 Added

    C&C 3 world builder is screwed up. Its not like the ZH worldbuilder, its harder to put everything in, with scripts and complicated terrain. I'm trying to recreate Tournament Island map from ZH for C&C 3. While i've got the basic layout done, i'm still not sure how big the tib field should be or how big the map needs to be. and figuring out how to put water down is still hell annoying