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    Attacking Strategies

    YOUR NOT SPECIFIC ENOUGH what tanks do i have is my chronosphere armed what else
  2. Darkphate


    chrono shift is the best you can chono enemy tanks to another enemy base on ffa or tanks in water or ships on land ownge
  3. people who wash games and people on xwis who play there and act like they own the servers. makes a good server look bad also mod mapps and cheats
  4. first of all what is gs i think you mean ggi? or gis either way 30 rhino tanks well own them just split your tanks in groups and cut off bf escape run as long as your doing drive bys prizm tanks wont do much damage
  5. Darkphate

    best tank

    Rhino tanks are the best tank in the game easier to micro longer range stronger sure allied grizzlies are faster but they get owned by rhinos
  6. ^^^like the man said desolatiors own all but since they are not on there i would say engi because one correctly placed engineer. can win the whole game for you
  7. boris is the best no doubt but tonya is really good too boris can be put in a bf an murder anything and tonya can do c4 miner trips