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  1. Prism Tank

    3 sides in ts?

    are you using Sun Edit 2K? if yes then remember to set the ownerships of the units that mutants (or whatever the 3rd side is) are going to use to include the new side as well. ie, there are four checkboxes gdi nod mutant and civilian, so check the first three. or you could try cloning units and doing the same. and as for structures, all the prerequisites need to be set and factory types set as well. i hope you have spare time if no, then sorry i cant help
  2. Prism Tank

    Mods for TS

    Does anyone here want any mods for TS? im kinda busy with a ZH mod at the mo but i can do Tiberian Sun anytime. post ideas here.
  3. Prism Tank

    How do we deal with spam bots?

    i take it the definition of a spam bot isnt just any old spammer or flamer
  4. Prism Tank

    best tank

    but if you have nine of them (a square of 3x3) ready to be chronoshifted and yuri uses a psychic dominator you are very doomed. same with america's paratroopers and the genetic mutator.
  5. Prism Tank

    How do we deal with spam bots?

    you'll all be pleased to know im not a spammer. i hate spammers and flamers alike. i mean, come on, some members cant even post half a dozen times without double posting. (just wanted to express the fact i hate it as much as sonic and the moderators do) the forum that i have come from (www.cncgeneralsworld.com/forums) has a very strict spam policy. its called the ban for spam policy and its a zero tolerance spam ban. ive known two or three members who got banned there recently because of it. i suggest we take up a similar action. details in the announcements section. (ps im not the same General Leang on that site as i am on this one)
  6. Prism Tank

    How old are you?

    didnt work it out, i used a website TD and RA1 are easy enough to get, they are here anyway. i saw TD for £9.99 in a big PC shop, and i saw RA1 in the same place, one was £9.99 and the other...£4.99, what??? i obvioulsly bought the 4.99 one
  7. Prism Tank

    How old are you?

    this topic's kind of random but hey, it doesnt matter, its in the off topic forum lol im 5169 days, 2 hours, 8 minutes and 27 seconds old, therefore im 14.
  8. Prism Tank

    war,slave or chrone miner

    it doesnt make much of a difference actually, because the war miner can transport 1000 credits, while the chrono miner can only take 500 but it only takes half the time. i do like the fact that it really does annoy people trying to kill one though.
  9. Prism Tank

    can't make a random map

    yeah, on mine it keeps setting the maximum as seven (for sound) and everything is pretty much what youve said. when i choose a map on skirmish i click on random map and it takes me back to the main skirmish menu. dunno what thats all about but i'll try what you said in your other post
  10. yeah, like an allied tank can cover the length of an average map in like, 30 seconds, and a chronosphere/iron curtain takes 3:30 to recharge not 7:00 and a nuke/weather device takes 5:00 minutes not 10:00
  11. there must be a way to change the .ini files so you have a game speed setting in single player and skirmish...
  12. Prism Tank

    Attacking Strategies

    i think i chronoshifted an mcv on that mission, and deployed it near their nuke silos. i let them capture my ore refinery and i left it on their side so i could repeatedly send spies in there and steal their money each time.
  13. Prism Tank

    Attacking Strategies

    yes the chronosphere is ready - bit like the allied mission where building a chronosphere is one of your objectives and theres three nukes you have to destroy (the one before the the last one i think)
  14. Prism Tank

    Renegade Questions

    the C&C Commando mod will take care of that
  15. by using xcc mixer. the official website (you may have to copy and paste this) xccu.sourceforge.net has tutorials on it