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    Not Another C&C Mystery Announcement

    wow this is a rather strange image seems to be the modified official CNC website page.

    [pic]NOD--medium tank--model

    damn it you've spread ur corruption here

    Communism Discussion

    about chinese propaganda (you play too much CCG and afriad of Chinese propaganda tower? i hope not) you're right. the evil propaganda way the mainland of china have. bu not all media in china are like this. don't forget the media from Taiwan, Hong Kong.etc. have you heard of the phoenix tv? we can always get the right infos in such ways. brainwash? you cannot brainwash everyone.the chinese propaganda is not always evil. people still get what the real like. about the works strike. it is a way of showing your democracy? funny. that's a way of showing the corruption of capitalism. you must see movies by Charlie Chaplin.in 'Modern Times' you think the crazy worker is just funny? machines made those guys lose their jobs. and don't forget it's in US, a capitalism country. and in 'Monsieur Verdoux' do you think he was praising the capitalism? no, he's showing the corruption of capitalism.you may say it's widely criticized,but isn't that the real life people have during Great Depression? about Iraqi War come on you dude. is that a war for peace? well the US want to liberate Iraq? well your army may come to china, kill the corrupt communism government and liberate chinese peolpe, why not ? a carpet bombing at beijing may do. oh yep it's not deserved to do so. why? cos china don't have much oil the Iraq have. why they want to 'liberate' Iraq? save people in such third world country? come on, save the dying blacks and Indians in your own country.save the children who suffer from AIDS and lacking of food and water in Africa.liberated? wow why the soviet didn't blow up your Statue of Liberty?! and there's a organization called UN. isn't it their duty to bring the world peace? you want the Iraq liberated? simple. sit there and wait. the citizens in their countries know what they want. they will kill the gov if they don't like it. if they cannot the UN may have some actions. and there's nothing to do with the US. about WW I & II wow war for peace.you just want o expand your colony and a war finally give you a chance to do so.soyou want to reorder the world,submitting your will. want else do you want? and you help china in the WW right? why you help china?oh come on save the people? what did you capitalism countries do before th war? dumping,limited the local trade.limit capitalism that is developing in China. didn't we try capitalism? yes we did! but what is the result?in fact no result come into being.then why do you help?hell yeah you must to. if the Japn conquer china you will lose biiig benefit that you have in china . about communism well communism is to fail. isn't that lack of logic? communism is in fact economy system.in china there may be no freedom of speech, no democracy. yes maybe. can't we mend this? we can be a moreopen country in the future. communism countries are not hells. so Hemingway can spend his rest of life in Cuba. and why i'm defending communism... well because i can't defend capitalism huh? :wink: i'm not a Commie you see. but i don't like the way you talk --bespattering china.and i think capitalism is more evil.hav you ever study your pay? do you get equal pay for your work?(don't say you do, if so ,what can you boss get?in nowadays boss's job is mostly manage your workers. by this he cannot earn any thing.no one will pay your boss for managing your factory or company.and don't say because of his managing he can get what you have created. and he get far more than he deserved--by manage you.and that's called exploit. this may cause problem. and this is why people go on strikes.but at least this may cause only cause few problem because yoy receive enough, but not all you deserve to. you will see what happen if contradictory intensified. and hell you may read what i post before.all what i say is just ask you to stop this meaningless quarrelling especially in such gaming forum :wink:

    Communism Discussion

    i have to say i find some words on google language tool for these words are most political only. Tools of production means what you use to labor. the computer you use in your company is not yours right? it's your boss's. it's called capitalism. and you see you boss may do nothing. can you see this?where did you see this? on your newspaper?'China threat theory '? and you ever learn histroy? what is the western world like just decades ago? why your worker go on strikes on the street? why are your workers ask for more pay? why are your workers ask to work less in a day? isn't that capitalism? and WW I & II. what are the capitalism countries fight for? peace? ohhhhhhh... what do you see? hell yeah what do you see? and where do you see? what is the situation decades ago then? there's only 80 years since the found of USSR. and when Voltaire did die?communism is still developing.what can communism do? what can a baby do? your own baby should always makes troubles for you huh? F**K! this is the most stupid thing i've ever heard.liberated? maybe you did kill the government. then why Iraqi still attack your dear GIs? are they terrorists? oh no the Iraqi are all terrorists! now get a ticket to Iraq and see what happen there. and this. did i say that? i didn't say i like communism. it's no difference for me.and you dont quite understand what communism is. when the whole society get a high (perhaps MUCH higher than now) education level, the ture communism can achieve.that takes time and maybe centuries. read what Marx have written for the rest.you ever know this? what is the explain on your dictionary may i know? communism leads to failure? why ? 'hey dude what you use here in the factory are owned by the country, so the government is corrupt. you'll never suffer this in a capitalist country because the government is not corrupt, only the dude who owns the factory is corrupt.our country (China) is going to be doomed, while capitalist countries not ,only the capitalists will be doomed for they own the factory' looool... and the spelling problem. i may be wrong but not for this time.

    Communism Discussion

    o i forget this : the human nature. yeah the human nature is just greedy."People who believe that they, by some unseen right, are granted power over others, and would push others down so they might climb, are the greatest threat to mankind's existence. For many years has one man or one race prospered on the sweat and work of others. " and remember everyboy can edit the Wikipedia. it's banned in Germany. why ? people are tampering the histroy. not seeing is believing, the rather that you don't even see it.

    Communism Discussion

    o i hate qutos... huh? the US IS strong yeah, but what can they do? ride roughshod over irak citizens? defy the UN? bring chaos to the world? now now now tell me why the principle can destroy the whole empire? isn't that because the corrupt gov? anything more? the principle ? yeah how? people dont wanna equal tools of production? so i should say more directly. remember there are still several rise of feudalism forces in the French Revolution. and now it's the combat between communism and capitalism. the communism is indeed struggling. but can't it prevail as your capitalism did several centuries ago? tell me, you see any sign that communism bends to capitalism? public ownership system is still the main economy system in China.it dosn't fall. yeah it is the point. our gov is just corrupt and how about yours? the capitalism is JUST to exploit the laborers. your evil economy system!

    Communism Discussion

    but u always say Communism fails, USSR is an example. actully i mean sth else. the cold war .the arms race, between the USSR and the " great " United States. USSR falls, because the corrupt government, not the Communism system. you see the the Great French Revolution is not a plain sailing and so is the rising of Communism. it dosnt fail. china adopts capitalism,yep, what can we do else?we are in the globe economy system we have to adopt this. 'All men are created equal' yes, but you can just not get the equal tools of production. social welfare.yes, but after the gov gains enough. new military project, who cares, money from the taxpayers.

    Communism Discussion

    well but the USSR falls only because the Communism system?

    Communism Discussion

    well yep, i am a 16-year-old senior student who have only learned english for about 4 years.so im tired of reading the former posts. and i really dont get any views of the economic system. but you cannot just say communism fails for there's still a China stand in the east. and its said without Marx's theory the whole capitalism world will fall ,is that true? (just wondering, this is what our histroy teacher said)

    Communism Discussion

    well i just wanna know why you dude dislike Communism cos were ...poor?

    Will you buy on day of release?

    i'll buy if there is ... and i'm only a student

    Kane Lives!

    yeah we see thaaaaaat! Kane lives!

    Communism Discussion

    yeah yeah yeah but i mean you shuold know *more* than others who haven't been to china. yeah yeah yeah we know, but don't you think it's too expensive? can we really afford that? maybe, but you don't receive any chinese education. it is more like brainwash (just for u) and hell i hate politics.

    Communism Discussion

    well well well f**k it up you dude. ask any dude who ever works in China and mostly they'll find it;s not quite different to work here.and who cares? just do what you want and get you pay. and finish this stupid politcal thread. It's time to finish the sin. and GeneralZ haven't you got a family in China?

    Communism Discussion

    calm down you battlesome dude. it's not a political forum, huh? we fight for fun, not ur ideology "its called sarcasm" that's it, i like no ideology fails or else we won't have such an interesting world, no one goona be true Capitalism or Communism, and that's what goverment do,and i like what Einstein said (in RA) "Time will tell ...Sooner or later...Time will tell.."