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  1. ghostswtdianaivan


    my favortie band is limp bisket and and green day
  2. ghostswtdianaivan

    Whats your favorite TV series?

    my favrotie tv series is buffy angel charmed and 24 and trucalling and las vegas
  3. ghostswtdianaivan

    Spider man 2

    ya thats true
  4. ghostswtdianaivan

    Spider man 2

    i dont think spiderman 2 was the greatset movie every i like the first on better and i like other ones better then that one and what other kinds of movies does everyone like
  5. ghostswtdianaivan

    Half-Life 2 - Game of the Year?

    ya i like it it was cool and fun and my boyfriend has the game and he liked it too and he like those kind of games and i think hes at the end al already but i dont know
  6. ghostswtdianaivan

    favorite ps2,xbox game

    my favroite game is other games that are on pc and xbox and playstation 2
  7. ghostswtdianaivan

    Spider man 2

    i liked the first one and the 2 one too but i liked the first one better then the 2 one it was better and cool qnd a lot of action and everything
  8. ghostswtdianaivan


    i thought it was suppose to come out sooner then that
  9. ghostswtdianaivan


    i rather not play halo at all i rather play battlefield 2 instead
  10. ghostswtdianaivan

    Eminem's Just Lose It video

    i kind of like some of his mucis just not all of them and he needs to sing better
  11. ghostswtdianaivan


    when does it come out for pc
  12. ghostswtdianaivan


    why do you guys like it so much i played the frist one and the second why and there is no differnts
  13. ghostswtdianaivan


    i think it was kind of cool to play it it was kind of fun but it had sucking wepsons and other stuff and some of the wepsons hat they had was good
  14. ghostswtdianaivan


    i didnt like halo 2 it was stupid and sucks and i kind of like the first one has anyone played the first one
  15. ghostswtdianaivan

    Renegad files

    what kind of problem are you having with theses files and how do they not work