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  1. Warmatt16

    The Best Side??

    Personal favorite on YR...Soviets...but I'll use whoever will prove most successful on the type of map or (online) in coordinantion with my friends who I Ally with by choosing something differant from them that complaments their army and strengthens the alliance power on the map. Example- Cuba & Any Allied country (Terrorist IFV) Simple yet effective.
  2. Warmatt16

    Favorite Units

    I'm a fan of my Orca...love that thing. :lol:
  3. Warmatt16

    Black-Cell servers

    I'm a regular at Black Cell Also...Death Crate sucks. ;;
  4. Warmatt16

    Favorite Renegade Character

    Ya, I do that all the time. Only good on certain levels though. Snipers move a lot on most of the time to avoid being seen or shot. Have to time the sticking just right. And keeping out of their sight until you reclock is the hardest part cause they can just randomly turn around at any point.
  5. Warmatt16

    a cool game

    I agree with that!
  6. Warmatt16

    cool consoles

    In all honesty, like I said, to get a full gaming experiance, you need to get all 3 systems. The only thing that I see Xbox having that puts it over the other 2 is Halo and Halo 2. "Most" of the other games are on PS2 as well. Gamecubes games look childish, but they can be really fun. I agree with chicken dippers, for a party or something, nothing beats it. We have like 15 of them just on my floor of my dorms.
  7. Warmatt16

    star wars battlefront

    I'd give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5...but thats only because I'm a Star Wars fanatic to go with my C&C fanaticism. (Is that a word?) I agree, it gets old after a while. But I like being able to "play" the battles I've seen dozens of times.
  8. Warmatt16

    cool consoles

    PS2 easy. It is the most well rounded. I love my gamecube and Xbox. But PS2 has a better variety of games.
  9. Warmatt16

    favorite sport

    Soccer, though I am a Cross Country runner. And if you don't think it's a sport you go run 13 miles!
  10. Warmatt16

    Fave MP3 player?

    I'll go with WMP.
  11. Warmatt16


    It could be an upgrade similar to China's mines, seperate from the building but still an upgrade for it.
  12. Warmatt16


    Good idea. That would save time.
  13. Warmatt16


    Time consuming but keeps buildings safe from capture. Plus can buy enough time for you to get reinforced.
  14. Warmatt16

    Best Superweapon

    This name has been used for 4 years now. I'm 19 going on 20 you little. It's my C&C Westwood account ID. The 16 was added only because Warmatt alone was taken so I added my age AT THE TIME. Odd, most other forums that run this poll seem to agree, nobody really likes the Scud Storm. And ya, it does have a faster timer, But not by much. I've been watching this forum for quite a while now. Long before I joined. I was on other forums and didn't want to bother with another.