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  1. I have a modem so im not always online, if i am ofline it says not connected to lan, and i cant always play the lvl online, cuse somone is on the phone. So it would save me the time to change it to a .mix file. PS plus i like messing around with this stuff better than being lazy (FUN)
  2. I downloaded Omaha Final, and it is a pkg file (which means there is probably a lvl file within it). So i was woundering if u can turn a pkg file, or lvl, into a mix file so i can play it in multiplayer practice by going to the text file and typing mapname00=C&C_Omaha_final.MIX or could i do it with a pkg file(or lvl) please help, ill try doing it with pkg, and see if it has a lvl file Thanks