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  1. Malebranche

    What game do you play the most?

    Now I'm playing Neverwinter Nights, it's a good RPG. My school starts in about two weeks, untill then, free time!
  2. Malebranche

    Problem with gaming source bar?

    Sometimes I get that in the CNCNZ and the Dens. I just refresh and it disappears.
  3. Malebranche

    Area 51???

    Once I saw a photo of area 51, and I saw no green men (only blue ones). and no flying saucers. I think it's only a military base, for test of advanced aircrafts. Maybe there's an area 52, if there 51 must have 1, 2, 3 etc...
  4. Malebranche

    More on the next SW game from Petroglyph

    Sorry, I didn't saw that before. :bang: It's strange then, I used to thought that AT-AT were developed while fighting the Rebellion. Now I'm confused But I'll look that game anyway, the team is good, and the screenshots too.
  5. Malebranche

    star wars battlefront

    I bet Battlefront.
  6. Malebranche

    More on the next SW game from Petroglyph

    Only classics and no news do you want? If they are making a good game it's great for me. Where is written that this game is before episode 4? I can see in the photos some Rebels fighters attacking Empire Destroyers, so I think it is after (or I need to put glasses).
  7. Malebranche

    Allies, Soviets or Yuri?

    The Soviets before YR, they lost too many units in the expansion. They have the only unit that can go in it's own, the Apocalypse. And they have units like the deso and the cheap fodder, the conscript. Also, in the rush, they have the advantage.
  8. Malebranche

    Open Office

    I think the worst problem with MS Office is that you need to pay for the whole bunch. Here, the only two program of the pack used are the Word and the Excel, but we can't pay only half price to get them. I think it's a good reason to d/l the Open Office.
  9. Malebranche

    More on the next SW game from Petroglyph

    That game looks like the Empire at war against the Rebellion. It looks good, and the team has quality, it may be a good game, I'll give it a look when it comes out. Better than Battleground it will surely be.
  10. look here: http://www.planetcnc.com/features/encyclopedia/cnccanon/
  11. Malebranche

    FinalAlert and C&C Tomorrow forums online

    It's back now, with new skin. And I hope this is the last time.
  12. Malebranche

    More on the next SW game from Petroglyph

    The Petroglyph's game surely looks sweet. I want to see it out! But it needs to out with quality, unlike some games.
  13. Malebranche

    Open Office

    When I looked, it was very similar. And here the MS isn't 'only' $300.
  14. Malebranche

    star wars battlefront

    I want to see KOTOR, now I have both money and computer, I might buy it. I don't think the droid side has the advantage, the droideka is the only I think is strong, but when it's rolling it's easy to kill. Some maps arre very good to sniping, specially Bespin, the city of clouds. I have a lot of fun there. I don't think Episode 3 will be special, it's only another game with the film, but I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how it will be.
  15. Malebranche

    mutant hijacker

    Uhh, sorry, but what do you want? All I remember now about mutant hijacker: Hero unit in SP mode, sometimes you can create him if yoy capture a some Nod buildings. In skirmish you can create him if you play Nod and build a Hand of Nod and the Temple of Nod. Can capture any vehicle in the ground, as far as I know, even civilian cars.