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    Intro videos

    Does anyone know if/where I can find the RA2 and YR intro videos available for download? Preferbly high quality, needed for video-editing project. Lost my copy of the games, unfortunately.
  2. Tsing Shi Tao

    Putting Back In What EA took out

    Yea, Generals had much more potential to be a better game. But due to EA's worker abuse (they made workers work horrendous amounts of overtime) I guess the guys were too grumpy or exausted to put all they had into it. If EA had given the guys more time instead of giving them inhumane hours Generals would of been much better than it is now, I'm guessing.
  3. Tsing Shi Tao

    Putting Back In What EA took out

    A question: By the above statement, do you mean you are re-creating generals as EA originally intended, or you are re-creating generals as you felt it should of been. And just an idea, but cruise missiles should be a general power, or ship based. Cruise missile silos built on battlefields isn't really realistic.
  4. Tsing Shi Tao

    How Many games have you got?

    Well, if 'less than legal' games count, six hundred. And that's including playstation, gamecube, gameboy, and other emulators + games. For actual purchased games, about 30.
  5. Tsing Shi Tao

    Another who would win.

    Alright, first off are we talking a player FFA or an AI FFA? If AI, i'd say Superweapon. While the Superweapon General is the hardest defensively, it doesn't send out vehichle attacks. Instead it sits behind a line of defences firing it's Superweapons, taking nearly no losses. Occasionally it sends out some tomahawks to harrass enemy defences, and it does it well. High defence is the most important in a six-way FFA, because if you attack someone, another could come up and frag your base from a different flank. A If we're talking player FFA, either Stealth or Tank/Laser generals would win. Stealth could hide and steal resources until the others are significantly weaker, then let loose units from his tunnel network. Tank general would probably win through, because in multiplay games good tactics revolves around mobile units and tanks are the best mobile units.
  6. Tsing Shi Tao

    Name the mod....

    Before I formatted my HD I had a mod I used to love to play, but I can't remember the name of it so I can't find it. Can anyone help me remember the name? Here's what I remember about it: - Modified Generals (EMP & Napalm General, Artillary General) - Has units like Triple Barreled Inferno Cannons, Mortar Troopers, Double-barreled Paladins, as well as naval units - Had modified sound track (I love listening to the Red Alert theme ) - AIs had general voice scripts during skirmishes 'Why did you destroy my barracks, general?' Anyone have any idea?
  7. Tsing Shi Tao

    C&C Gens Nuke Cannon Glitch Freaky!!

    There's a sort of bug in generals that when aircraft are fly over steep cliffs or mountains, they touch the ground as they skim the top of it. When they are touching the ground they can be attacked by ground units. You don't know how annoying it is to loose Auroras to an Artillary Platform
  8. Tsing Shi Tao

    Red Alert 2 wont run

    I'm having the same problem with my Radeon 9800, but ONLY for YR. I've patched both games and updated drivers, but I still have the problem. Has anyone else figured out how to fix this yet? (I notice Radeons tend to be a common factor)
  9. Tsing Shi Tao

    Next U.S.S.R?

    *Cough* The War of 1812, fended off US invasion, set the white house on fire. *Cough* And speaking strategically, a China-US war would most likely be a stalemate. Excluding a nuclear standoff, China could easily hold its own against the US. High population and numbers gives a major advantage to defenders, especially with a country with China's population. While America could use their air superiority to their advantage, the war would definately wear on for a VERY long time due to China's high population and physical mass, and the Americans would most likely be forced to withdraw due to the high casualties and the high expenses of maintaining a war that long with the number of troops needed to invade and hold Chinese soil.
  10. OK, I don't want to sound like a flamer, but here are some tips: 1. Don't use lots of exclamation marks (!!!Working on secret mod Need help apply) makes you sound like one of those n00bs who t4l|< li|<3 d1s. Especially when you have alot of grammar or spelling errors. 2. The 'secret mod' thing makes you sound like your desperate, and attempting to use curiosity to hook modders. 3. Details. For all people know you could be some guy who got bored and decided to get people to make a mod that your not really dedicated too. We need details, like basic concepts and storyline, what needs to be done, homepage for the site, how many are currently working (and what tasks each is already doing), what's already finished, etc.
  11. Tsing Shi Tao

    Next U.S.S.R?

    Bah, all of you are still thinking 'Cold war'. This is the new age. We've got new toys to play with instead of just nukes, tanks, soldiers, and subs. America is finally getting around to working on the fabled 'Missle Shield', or at least right now they are testing plane-based anti-missle lasers, so IBCMs may become obsolite in the future. The new age of warfare will be the information war, especially with everything becoming more computerized. Why spend all the money invading a country when you can attack their infastructure and communications from your homeland? You can send mis-information, getting countries to attack each other then move in and pick up the pieces when there done. You may be even able to black out communications, so a country doesn't know it's invaded until they see troops marching past their house. For example, China's ECM 'laser' (The real one, not the tank. By the way all of C&C: Generals' weapons are based on real ones that are actual and in the prototype stage, neat huh?) is being deployed along the Taiwan border. It can be used to jam communications. When this technology becomes more developed, they may be able to cut off communication to a battlefield from a mobile command center, and perhaps even deploy the damn thing on satillites and prevent communication with nuke silos, rendering America's ICBMs useless. Then we have the whole space colonization thing coming into reach. Japan companies are already planning space vacations available to the average working man by 2010, and space 'resorts' could become a reality in the near future. We've got the whole star wars thing coming up anyways. Most of us will probably see moon bases and arguements over ownership of astroids and planets before we die (hey, we went from the first plane to space flight in under 50 years)
  12. Tsing Shi Tao

    Favorite Quotes and One Liners

    A few good ones: "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dis--" "Jesus is coming. Look busy." "What the greasy poop?" "Your turning into a penguin. Stop it." "... which could, as mom's everywhere warn, poke an eye out."
  13. Tsing Shi Tao

    Let's Share the Freewares

    Maxthon Internet Explorer - Beats any explorer any day eMule - The ULTIMATE P2P filesharing program. On average it downloads at least 20 times faster than Kazaa (especially considering you can choose a highly populated server instead of being put on a randomly chosen Supernode). I can ususally download about a few gigs a day worth of files, depending on sources. If it's too fast, you can set upload and download caps. A special 'credit' systems stops people from connecting to servers if they download lots but upload none, ensuring there are always plenty of sources on even rare files and that the servers are leecher free. Best of all, it's possible to ban people from your server and block their IP address making sure the people who create those annoying virus-filled files are non-existant.
  14. Tsing Shi Tao

    School Lessons

    The one thing you didn't add, but is by far the easiest, is Philosiphy. You don't have to study or remember anything really (except the occasional philosipher). So long as you know how to write a theory and back it up, it doesn't really matter if it's right or wrong, true or lies, ect. My second favourite is Military History. Not because its easy or fun, but because alot of strategies can be put to use in RTS or even FPS games giving me an edge.
  15. Tsing Shi Tao

    Nuke General Strategys

    Yay, my favourite guy too. Basic strategies: Softening up a base Tsing is basically a long-range specialist. His Nuke Cannon devistates at long range on the ground, and can hold its own when paired with an Overlord of anti-air/infantry/tank defence. Air Superiority Another specialty of Tsing is his more powerful air units. Nuke MiGs do alot more damage, and reload VERY fast (at same speed as King Raptors, which is nearly instant). While his MiGs are expensive and easy to kill, they can dish out ALOT of damage, and are worth building despite costs. On top of that he has Nuclear Carpet Bomber, which can dish out a real pounding, but like his MiGs is relatively vulnerable to AA fire. The Nuclear Bombs on the Helix don't do a whole lot more damage than the Napalm bombs, so no real advantage there. Tank Attacks His other main advantage is the tanks. They automatically come with Nuclear Tanks and Uranium Shell upgrades, and in addition leave a cloud of radiation that is basically the equivelant of Anthrax Alpha-tipped toxin shells making them good against infantry. However, the disadvantage to these tanks is VERY dangerous collateral damage. If a Battlemaster is killed, the Battlemasters beside it can loose somewhere between 33% to 50% of it's HP (I know what your thinking, but no, they don't do nearly as much damage to enemy units). When in large groups, loosing one or two tanks can cause a chain reaction taking out douzens. Until you have Isotope Stability, never build more than 2-3 tanks (even then only for base defence, or rushing the enemy). Of course, this problem can be avoided by simply researching Isotope Stability, then you can build tank rushes to your heart's content. Nuclear Winter Of course, when going against NPCs, building lots and lots of Superweapons are your easiest bet. Nothing like the joy of watching a douzen missles leave their silos. With Nuke MiGs, Carpet Bombers, and Artillary (both General Power and Nuke Cannons) you kill your enemy without ever having to step foot in their base.