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  1. -NickoheaD-

    Red Alert 3 Hits the Top 10 in Sales

    RA3 is a better sequal to RA2 than FO3 is is to FO2. Personally, I find Fallout 3 to be overhyped and overrated.
  2. -NickoheaD-

    RA3 Tanya XBox 360 Theme

    She's just not that good looking.
  3. -NickoheaD-

    Red Alert 3: Premier Edition

    That's true, though the Kane Edition didn't really cost all that much more than the standard edition. I can imagine this will be more expensive, considering the number of extras included.
  4. -NickoheaD-

    Jenny McCarthy to Play Tanya in RA3

    Horrible choice, really. If it's true that is.
  5. -NickoheaD-

    Red Alert 3 Beta Update

    Damn, I wish I'd activated my beta key beforehand. Back when Kane's Wrath was released, I think there may have been a problem with the beta site, because it wouldn't allow me to do so. Oh well. Edit: How many people here have been able to play so far?
  6. -NickoheaD-

    Red Alert 3 Hell March Trailer

    "October 2008" With five months left till release, I'd say they're pretty far along.
  7. Heh, look's like you were 95% right about the trailer. Nothing overly spectacular here. And damn, if they're going to use Hell March, can't they use the original? It's so much better.
  8. -NickoheaD-

    Top 5 Game Characters Named Kane

    Heh, true. Quake 4 was such a boringly average game.
  9. They may not be needed in C&C3, but who's to say they couldn't be implemented in a way that significantly aids the gameplay. I'm not saying I'd be totally fussed if they did remove them in the end, but they're a nice thing to have in regardless. Perhaps they could be optional in skirmish/multiplayer?
  10. -NickoheaD-

    Act On Instinct Remix in Kane's Wrath

    I beg to differ, I much preferred the original version.
  11. [anti-EA] Maybe they do it intentionally so that you have to go out and buy a new copy! z0mg.. [/anti-EA] :lol:
  12. -NickoheaD-

    Kane's Wrath Story Trailer

    Heh, why is Kane so angry these days?
  13. -NickoheaD-

    New Poll: RA3 Versus TIBERIUM

    Red Alert 3 without a doubt. First-Person Shooters dont really interest me much anymore. Having said that, I'll probably still play Tiberium