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  1. Hans5849

    So, getting C&C4 next week?

    They're all ready appearing. I'll buy maybe when it hits $29, more like $19 though.
  2. Hans5849

    Format/Backup Plans

    This should solve your patching questions: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ How many hard drives do you have? In my primary computer I have 2, one is for the OS and the other stores my data. Make sure your documents, music, and pictures are backed up. Make note of the programs that you use the most, ditch the rest. Make sure you have all your SN's for applications and games. Also make sure you backup any save games.
  3. Hans5849

    Virtual PC

    The Virtual PC has a file that is a certain size, this file is the hard drive for your Virtual PC. The Virtual PC makes no changes to the primary OS of your computer.
  4. Hans5849

    Fenny's Next Build

    I'd go with a Intel SSD, there have been problems with others. The competitiveness is getting close though. http://anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=3667 Also I have some Nexus Real Silent Case fans and they are awesome. http://www.silentpcreview.com/article63-page2.html
  5. I'm running Windows 7 Pro, I got it for $32. http://windows7.digitalriver.com/store/msw...s=1257385606779 Enter in your .edu email address, they send you a link, click link, scroll down to the yellow bar select Windows 7 Pro I had to download it from a torrent though because the content delivery system for that company is horrible. These two links helped me out a lot getting it to work http://windows7center.com/news/how-to-inst...u-of-windows-7/ http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-...-working-guide/ The installation off a usb drive was awesome.
  6. Hans5849

    Most useless CNC unit ever!?

    Red Alert Infantry: The only thing he was good against is the civilian that popped out of a destroyed ore truck. I liked the devils tongue, build about 15 of them burrow into the back of someones base and take out their power. They become essentially crippled at that point.
  7. I liked the entire series. I'm waiting for blu ray computer drives to come down in price to where I can afford them and watch the entire series on my computer.
  8. Hans5849

    Online Requirement

    I do see the advantage to this system, it's actually something I wish had come out a long time ago. The ability to play your missions any where and no worries if your computer needs formatting. What it really breaks down into is a glorified copy protection system.
  9. Hans5849

    Windows 7

    You need to mount the vista partition in 7. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&cli...mp;aq=f&oq=
  10. Hans5849

    Windows 7

    I like the new dual boot screen, my keyboard now works during it. It was a problem that killed me with XP. Other than that I am not impressed.
  11. Hans5849

    Top Gear

    So I'm watching S12 E2 and the part where they are driving through the mountains (~47minutes in) I noticed the music in the background was Hell March. Anyone else notice this?
  12. My laptop came with Vista, it now runs XP Pro and Ubuntu. On my desktop I have XP Pro and 7. I am not that impressed with 7, it feels like Vista SP2 or SP3. I found it difficult to switch from my onboard to Audigy sound cards and my monitor wouldn't display 1360x768 but that is a driver issue. I may hold out until after Windows 7.
  13. Hans5849

    Intel 32nm Processor coming soon!

    Hyperthreading wasn't a failure it was the process that the Pentium 4 was built on that was. Northwood and Precsott were not clock efficient processors as Intel tried to keep the CPU frequency war going, but they gave up on that with the Banias processor which lead to Dothan. Then came the Core architecture and a step back if you like to think of it that way to the Pentium 3's processor design. There is a point where more cores actually slows down the processor and makes it less efficient. The processor to look out for the Lynnfield or the I7 variant (lynnfield being I5), it will remove the northbridge (like AMD) and allow the processor to talk straight to the video cards.
  14. Hans5849

    So, thoughts on the game?

    CnC3 > RA3 The AI's pathfinding is HORRIBLE. The game play is mediocre. DoW and CnC3 were much better. So far the single player is boring. I have beaten the Soviets and just started on the allies. I found CnC3's story to be much more engaging.