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  1. dw6xl

    technical error

    i found out wat da problem was da error report says, reason Error parsing INI file 'DataINIWeapon.ini' (Line: 'Weapon ComancheAntiTankMissileWeapon ') what to do?
  2. dw6xl

    krauser's knife

    for any1 who played re4 can someone give me a link to the real version of krauser's knife?
  3. dw6xl

    Ban On Guns

    Do Yall think Guns Should Be banned In The Us? Why Or why not.........im doing this for a report 4 skool
  4. dw6xl

    technical error

    iight thx i reinstall it
  5. dw6xl

    technical error

    well actually i dont even get to da intro i meant when you start it up
  6. dw6xl

    technical error

    everytime i try to run generals my computer says it was a technical error...but my my computer pass the requirements by a mile but it still dont work....wats da problem
  7. dw6xl

    lion vs tiger

    i was just searching google for stuff for my project and came across this http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=47...4831&q=lion i think the tiger won all of the fights
  8. dw6xl

    serious help

    why is it that everytime i try to play the cnc generals reborn mod it says i need to run it from its install directory. can someone help me?
  9. dw6xl

    underrated games

    list the game that you think is underrated. i think that monster hunter & Psi-Ops were very underrated by gamespot
  10. dw6xl

    can't decide

    i want to get unreal tournament 2004 for the pc but i have no money at the moment, and if i trade in re4 for ps2 i will have enough to get it. i unlocked everything in re4 beat it hundreds of time. should i trade in re4 for ut2004
  11. dw6xl

    where's my money

    some of my favorites are http://fgfp.bnyrd.com/season4/familyguyS4C24.php http://fgfp.bnyrd.com/season4/familyguyS4C29.php http://fgfp.bnyrd.com/season4/familyguyS4C46.php
  12. dw6xl

    family guy vs the simpsons

    i myself would have tosay family guy because when family guy first came out (i think in the 90s) i began watching that more than the simpsons
  13. which show do ya'll think is better?
  14. dw6xl

    where's my money

    is the clips i posted on vol 3