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  1. Mario

    Mouse Problem

    when i try to play generals or ZH the mouse icon doesnt show up
  2. ive often wondered how do the rings around the coils stay up they dont seem to be attached to anything
  3. i should of asked you guys how to sort this out ages ago when i try to start up my pc it gets to the windows xp loading screen then it goes black and it happend when i tried to shrink the icons on the screen Saracen or Sonic you guys have my email if you know the solution i am on msn messnger daily on my XBOX 360
  4. Mario

    Your banned now bitch!! :D

    hehe i remember that 1 that'll teach em
  5. Mario

    Is a 2001 computer too old?

    aint it a b***h when that happens like i bought a 320GB HD for about £70 last year and now ive seen a 500GB for the same price :roll:
  6. Mario

    Gaping hole in the universe found

    wonder if that means its outside of normal space and time?
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6934462.stm bout time they realied you need more than pretty graphics to make a good game
  8. 10) Virtual Epidemic In the beginning, there were computer viruses. Now, there’s the potential for a plague - as happened in World of Warcraft, when the appearance of a new monster, Hakkar, with an infectious attack known as Corrupted Blood began giving the MMORPG lurgy to anyone who took him on. As players returned to town, infecting other players and NPCs alike, entire cities across the many Warcraft servers fell sick, with anyone under Level 50 facing immediate death if exposed anypne know if this is still happening? 26) Boobies Know All ...at least in 1998’s Jurassic Park FPS spin-off Trespasser, which put you firmly in the head of its female lead, with no HUD, no icons, and no numbers to keep track of. Instead, you had to regularly glance down at your heaving, fully rendered breasts, where a big red heart tattoo quite literally told you when you were about to go tits up. i lol'd at this one lets have more games like that>.> 38) The Typing Of The Dead! Hands down, the most brilliant reinvention of a game ever to exist. Take The House of the Dead II, complete with zombies, awful plot, and endless monster splattering… but take away the guns. Instead, give the heroic government agents Dreamcast backpacks and keyboards, with every correct bang of a key acting as a bullet. It shouldn’t work, but it does. It more than does. It’s the kind of thing the word ‘awesome’ was invented for. And there’s a sequel on the way! did this really happen?
  9. i keep getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death keep coming up with bad pool Caller on it anyone any idea how to stop this?
  10. Mario

    anyone want to battle?

    all add me too Aristaios
  11. Mario

    Now Playing - Games

    Pokemon Diamond atm 8)
  12. Mario

    Luk3us turns 21

    happy b'day Luk congrats on becoming a man at last
  13. Mario

    Kane's Wrath Q&A at GameSpot

  14. Mario

    The Subfactions!

    wasnt he if i remember rightly CABAL was made up of conciousnesses of various NOD soldiers I.E Seth and probably many other generals so get your facts right
  15. Mario

    EA really do care....

    hey Sara check out teletext page 806 on channel 3 of Sky if you have it or on channel 4 i forget which teletext page it is on channel 4 they reckon Joe Kucan's acting was poor :lol: N00BS
  16. Mario

    warcraft 3 question

    when were you able to have 200 units?
  17. Mario

    play any TCG games?

    duno had 2 pick sum1:P
  18. Mario

    play any TCG games?

    should be alright for most of us big kids then eh Saracen
  19. Saracen is here for the community and people, not C&C. yeah i that is true but would still like to hear what he would have to say
  20. Mario

    play any TCG games?

    i used to play pokemon TCG still got the cards also used to play Yu Gi Oh well never actually played cause ive never had any1 to play agaisnt would still love to duel someone
  21. im surprised Saracen hasnt made his input yet
  22. uh what are you guys talking about?
  23. Mario

    Didn't ANYBODY like Generals?

    i disagree i like the single player