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    Computers, computers, math, computers, computers, and did I mention computers?
  1. SmartSquid399

    Combine RA3 & Future C&C Forums

    Then put something in the forum description about that because I had no idea.
  2. SmartSquid399

    Your Favourite General in Zero Hour

    Superweapon owns all!
  3. SmartSquid399

    Favourite Low Tech Vehicles

    IFV. It's fast and works great with a soldier inside.
  4. SmartSquid399

    Stealth Units in RA2

    I know but I can't download it so could someone send it to me? Please if you can then send me a PM.
  5. SmartSquid399

    Another who would win.

    AI or player I think Superweapon would win. Of course, if it was player FFA then it depends on the players.
  6. SmartSquid399

    Stealth Units in RA2

    I take it explosion kills the unit that takes the crate? Oh and can someone send me the Rules.ini file? I can't download the program that extracts it.
  7. I think we should combine those 2 forums because they are pretty much the same thing. Or at least delete the RA3 forum and make the Future C&C Games forum also about RA3.
  8. SmartSquid399

    Finally got the Generals Deluxe Edition!

    I agree, sort of. They aren't really garbage, they just aren't that good.
  9. SmartSquid399

    Stealth Units in RA2

    What do the one's in red do?
  10. SmartSquid399


    Go to Rules.ini and search for the crate stuff I've never done it my self.
  11. SmartSquid399

    The Chinese mission is the first pass

    Wow that must be a cheat or something cuz I don't know how you start out with a USA base.
  12. SmartSquid399

    Finally got the Generals Deluxe Edition!

    I was joking lol.
  13. SmartSquid399

    America, China or GLA?

    Well in normal Generals I would definately pick China. Their unit costs are reasonable, and, well, they just rock! In ZH it would be either GLA, China, or USA. j/k They are all good, but I like China and GLA the best.
  14. SmartSquid399

    who would win

    I think China would win but it depends a lot on the terrain, supplies, etc.
  15. SmartSquid399

    Zero Hour China Mission 3

    You will loss? Lol. Anyways I suggest doing what he said. Just rush everything, don't worry about your base, they usually don't attack anyways. Remember that time is ticking.