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    Cars, computers, WWE :), and zero hour ;)
  1. s]-[arp

    Instant Surrender

    strange, i had teh same problem while playing a LAN with a mate, tho it was because he had an illegit CD key. imo this would never happen with an original copy, as i too have Clone CD and Nero installed. ps go teh taker taker taker!! sw33t av cnc king =D ps what happened in the Coffin match with Taker vs Heidenreich in the royal rumble??? 8)
  2. a custom low detail shell theme helps a lot on my system too. I think you can download them of CNCden, tho im not sure. YOur best bet is to search on google for "Earth of War zero hour shell map" and download it. Even on my AXP 2000 with a Geforce 5200 and 512 DDR ram, ZH runs smooth, minimises fast on all the settings maxed (on 1024 res with no AA) hope it helps!
  3. s]-[arp

    TD VS RA

    RA PWNS!! best soundtrack, good storyline, love the realmovies and gameplay while easy, was a lot of fun! ps i just tipped the polls baby! sukars, a noob member just decided your polls =D =D =D 8)
  4. While I was originally gonna vote for the Soviets, due to their hard hitting, fun 2 play army i reconsidered and gave my vote to CNC gens China.. now i know theyre not a poll leader but hear me out. Unlike RA's Soviets, and the original CNC's GDI and NOD, China requires a lot of micro + unit mixing to win a game. they have cool units, just watching them in battle is a rush. GLA would come second, then USA in third, tho i guess this is just a result of which teams i like to play against in zh, and not which one was mastered + structured the best by the developers
  5. s]-[arp

    im new

    sup im new too, i was gonna take HANS5849's offer for teh keg, but seems u got 2 it first cheerz! 8)
  6. s]-[arp

    This skin?

    nice forum look imo. Loads a bit slow, tho if you compromised graphics for speed itd probably look like someone chucked up on teh screen taking note of the last reply about colour schemes... if you want a forum which you can customise down to the bone, you should consider invisionfree.com forums. My clan site is hosted under them, and while ive got the standard skin (for speed + efficiancy) ive managed to customise its CC code, and change teh appearance in a huge variety of ways. Only problem is itd be a big move for a well established forum like this
  7. Hey guys, im new to teh forums. im currently playing cnc zero hour by the alias of =][_s]-[arp_][=. im 18, Living nextdoor 2 uz in australia, studying Business frontline managment at Tafe college, enjoy being outta teh house, love motor shows, and ofcourse enjoy a good game of zero hour! nice site you guys got... gl with it for teh future! now a bit about urselves...