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  1. Napoleon the Clown

    Kane Lives!

    Of course he lives. "You can't kill the Messiah."
  2. Napoleon the Clown

    Cameo won't appear

    Nevermind, I got it all working now.
  3. Napoleon the Clown

    Cameo won't appear

    Yes, they're a SHP and yes they're ing the directory. Funny thing is, I did the same with the Mammoth Mk II and it worked just fine.
  4. Napoleon the Clown

    Cameo won't appear

    I've created a cameo for a new unit using OS SHP Builder's cameo generator (latest version) and the stinking thing won't show up in RA2. Here's the code: [sTRM] Sequence=AnimalSequence Cameo=STRMICON AltCameo=STRMUICO Crawls=no Remapable=yes FireUp=5 Also, how do you get the SHP (for units, not cameos) so it will be remapable using OS SHP Builder? So far everything I've tried isn't working. The spots I tried just stay red, no matter that I selected purple as my side's color.
  5. Napoleon the Clown

    Missing a .DLL file for XCC Mixer

    OK, I've got it fixed.
  6. Napoleon the Clown

    Missing a .DLL file for XCC Mixer

    I recently downloaded the XCC Utilities package from the XCC web page and tried to fire it up. Wouldn't go be cause I'm missing a .DLL. I don't remember which one off hand and the computer it's one doesn't have net access anymore, otherwise I'd look it up while I was on. Any ideas where I could get the .DLL I'm missing? Once I can get the .DLL file I can get it over just fine. Ah the magic of USB pens...
  7. Napoleon the Clown

    Gattling Weapons Guide

    IsGattling=yes TurretCount=1 WeaponCount=6 Weapon1=120mmx EliteWeapon1=120mmxE Weapon2=AAGattling EliteWeapon2=AAGattlingE Weapon3=120mmx2 ; Clone of 120mmx EliteWeapon3=120mmx2E ;Clone of 120mmxE Weapon4=AAGattling2 EliteWeapon4=AAGattling2E Weapon5=120mmx3 EliteWeapon5=120mmx3E Weapon6=AAGattling3 EliteWeapon6=AAGattling3E WeaponStages=3 Stage1=200 Stage2=400 Stage3=600 EliteStage1=100 EliteStage2=200 EliteStage3=300 RateUp=1 RateDown=50 Yuri's is currently uninstalled from my computer so I haven't tested to see if you actually need to clone 120mmx(E), but cloning it should make it all work. Good luck with it. Also, it may well be necessary to change the primary and secondary weapons to match weapons one and two, respectively. If you have any problems I'll install Yuri's and see what I can work out.
  8. Napoleon the Clown

    Gattling Weapons Guide

    Acerz492, it is possible to do what you want to do. For the Battle Fotress just copy and paste the Gattling stuff in and change the primary and secondary weapons. As for the Apoc, you may need to copy the cannon a few times, keeping the rate of fire and damage identical. Then just paste in the AA Gattling gun information from either the tank or the turret, whichever you prefer. The turret is more powerful, so keep that in mind. If you didn't follow that I'll be happy try explaining it differently, or just give you the needed .ini coding, whichever you prefer.
  9. Napoleon the Clown

    Question about fighter in RA2

    For a flyer to attack air units it must have BallonHover=yes. The armor setup is: None, flak, plate (infantry), light, medium, heavy (vehicle, dolphins, squid), wood, steel, concrete (buildings), special 1 (terror drone), special 2 (targetable missiles) As for the owner of TibEd, why that would be Koen. PM him about it and he should be able to help you get it worked out.
  10. Napoleon the Clown

    The projectile

    Wrong one. This is what the projectile is: [MultiMissile] Arm=2 High=yes VeryHigh=yes ;Shadow=no Proximity=yes Cluster=10 ; number of small missiles to launch Ranged=yes AA=no Image=MISLMLTI ROT=4 Color=DarkGreen Airburst=yes AirburstWeapon=MultiCluster IgnoresFirestorm=yes Unless of course you aren't talking about Tiberian Sun.
  11. Napoleon the Clown

    How do you add cameo's?

    The latest SHP editor has a cameo builder so you could get that. I don't remember its name off hand but it does get mentioned on this site a lot. If you don't: http://yrarg.cncguild.net/downloads/tutorials/cameomk.htm or http://www.ppmsite.com/?go=cameononpsp You'll need the XCC Utilities to convert it to a SHP, but once you do all you need is to name it with whatever name you're using on the unit. Case sensitive even. Just add a new entry in cameos by cloning an existing cameo. It becomes simpler with experiance.
  12. Napoleon the Clown

    How do you add cameo's?

    Which game?
  13. Napoleon the Clown

    tibed wont load anymore

    Try uninstalling and then reistalling it. A few files may have been corrupted. If that doesn't work, check to see if the CPU on your computer is getting overworked. Also, make sure you don't have any viruses, trojans, or worms lurking in your computer. They can cause all forms of grief. And you never know where you'll pick one up.
  14. Napoleon the Clown

    Where do I save the file too? :$

    Um, the same place you put TibEd?
  15. Napoleon the Clown

    HELP I HATE ERRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why did you change a dog of all things?! Return the dog to default and create an actual new unit instead of changing a dog. Oh, and I believe the problem is you telling it to be a railgun. There aren't any railguns in Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge. In fact, I don't think they put the logic for railguns in the games.