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    listen to C&C music and play games
  1. Yuri_Copy

    Pkay online

    Hello guys anyone wanna play online with me my name is Domination_Robo
  2. Hmmm very interesting there Cygnus X-1
  3. Yuri_Copy

    the consept of generals

    Yeah I think the same as you.
  4. Yuri_Copy

    Overlord's Bigger Brother?

    WOWOWOW! That was a very big tank.
  5. Yuri_Copy

    Zero hour stratigies help

    Hmm thats a very good strategy you have there. I realy like it.
  6. Yuri_Copy

    New patch

    I have updated the game and it works fine now so the error is gone. The problem is gone.
  7. Yuri_Copy


    Good Sonic that was very good.
  8. Yuri_Copy


    Thank so much chickendippers.
  9. Yuri_Copy

    Best ally general...

    Very coo, bugs u have there Cygnus X-1.
  10. Yuri_Copy


    What do you mean with unaltered? :?: :?: :?: :?:
  11. Yuri_Copy

    Glitchy Graphics / Switch between D3D and OpenGL?

    Yeah thats rightthe game only supports direct 3d no Open GL.
  12. Yuri_Copy

    Playing Multiplayer with C&C Generals ZH

    Dont worry I ywas good of u to send a double post becuase I dont read all the posts anyway.
  13. That's copyrighted property, it would be wrong if we posted the music on the site. If you own the games your free to extract the music from the .BIG files and burn them to CD or something. That's what I did, even though Generals doesn't have that much decent music. I'll get to it as soon as I can. Sonic excuse me for idont think about waht could posiible happen if we upload it to the site. Does the Generals OST find on a CD?
  14. Yuri_Copy

    CNC Music Downloads

    Go to frank klepackis website and do you now how to record your own computer?` The cable from the speaker if you have one of course. Place it in the hole for the mic and take the other and place it in the hole for the speaker and then you can record all the songs and sounds from everything who has sounds.
  15. Yuri_Copy

    a few new screen shots for c&c 3

    Yeah but why does some people call the game C&C3 It has been created more than 3 C&C games. so why do they call it C&C3?