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  1. I been away from the straight RTS scene and played alot of RPG. Then I found this game and thought maybe some RTS fans might want to give it a try. Check out the trailer and website. 2029 Trailer 2029 Website This game is gonna ROCK!
  2. WolFY


    I like blue tib. It added more value to defending your harvesters when they had to travel longer distances. It could also be used as a weapon too which added a new twist. I want them to keep it, but if they don't then someone is bound to mod the game and add it. In previous games, we have seen demolished cities, ruined villeges and have been told about the effects of tib. But we have not seen the effects of tib first hand. When you put troops onto tib fields, over time they turn into viceroids. That's it. What I'd like to see is, tib have effect on troop morale/health. For example, the closer and longer your troops stay in a tib infected areas, the more weary it daunts on them. Have them lose accuracy, have them feel sick and slowly pass out and eventually die. Have them complain and refuse your orders if things get real bad for them or better yet, have them beg you to change your orders when you command them. An example, your commanding a squad of troops, your scouting in a nod base area and it's heavily infested with tib and tib gas. They're wearing suits and breathing masks etc but those devices are at the limit of what air they can clean. Your troops are feeling weak and their accuracy is dwindling. Your order them to go into a ravine with heavy tib concentration. They stand there for a moment and say something like "are you sure, sir?" then start walking in, they get a little ways in there and stop then say "sir, I don't wanna do this, I'm hurting!" ... Now you have a choice, be like G.D.I and don't risk their lives over a Nod tib base, or be like Nod force them to go through with it. I know this little scenario is wishful thinking for a game but it shows me how bad tib can really daunt on someone, shows how it can effect someone. Gives you a choice to be good or bad. In TS/FS, tib was just something to be avoided by troops. That's it. *Sigh* it would be cool like that.
  3. WolFY

    C&C 3 - hazardous

    Well, IMO (opinion only) the Green tib crystals just look way too big, in previous games I always viewed tib as small, leg sized in crystal shape with a sponge comb at the base simular to mould at the base of certain mushrooms. I always thought infantry would be able to walk ontop of tib crystals, not have to climb over them. There is a batch of tiberium just above the harvester that is good in size and shape. It's alot smaller than other crustals. But that tib would be the max size I would want green tib to be like. Green should be produced by turning a blossum tree into the Ripararus. The tib effect on the ground is good also, making it look as though the earth around the crystals is useless even if the tib is removed. The corrosian effect the tib has on that powerline looks cool too. Also, there needs to be that errie green glow that was in TS/FS. It still looks very sunny in the screenshot. Giant crystals like those should be strictly for blue tiberium stacks that spread blue tib (forgot the name of it) but perhaps a bit bigger. And yes, I know this is meant to be a "Yellow Zone".
  4. WolFY

    Favorite side

    I vote for Nod. Always liked them, their vehicles weren't very powerful but I just love the Obelisk. Imagine making a mansion designed like a Nod base, with 2 big Obelisk looking lamp-posts at the front gate. If only I was a billionare! *sigh*
  5. WolFY

    Elements of the Generals that should stay in CnC3

    Well, one possible answer to this could be "nano-technological based assimulation" (Obviously does not exist in reality...yet). Like you said, it is si-fi and during TS/FS, I did see alot of advanced units. Even a cyborg was extremely advanced by todays standards. So if we use this idea, parts from destroyed units (randomly chosen by scripts or something when destroyed) could be moulded/assimulated into a certain vehicle. For instance, if the "assimulator" tank (for lack of a better word) destroys 2 vehicles, both the same and those vehicles hover and have a rail-cannon. Your assimulator rolls over the remains of one, assimulates say the Hover of it, turning it into a hovering vehicle, then rolls over the other destroyed tank and assimulates the rail-cannon, now you have a hovering railgun tank... Just a thought.
  6. WolFY

    YR Top Three Tactics?

    I've never really been a big fan of base defense, I always get crippled heavily when I build them. Always seem to get crushed by a mighty horde of vehicles in LAN games. Normally I do what the other guy said, PP, Barr, Ref, WF, 1 Ore truck, Tank, Another Truck, Tank, 1 more Truck, Horde of tanks. Almost always works when you swarm them. But my mates counter that with hordes of G.I's and Rocket G.I's or Yuri Clones. They don't really like playing Soviet. But yeah, sorry for breaking the rules.
  7. WolFY

    YR Top Three Tactics?

    not really a tactic but more of an amusing finish to a game if your winning. funnist thing I used to do in RA2/YR (when you have 2 or 3 people playing as your allies on LAN) if you play an Allied side was get a spy into a Soviet tech centre so you got chrono-ivans. make about 20 of them, and when your ally is hammering on your enemy and is about to win, become a traitor and select each individial chrono-ivan and use waypoints on your allies scructures and just before your alliance has won, click the waypoint button hehehe! heaps of timed bombs all over your friends base, oh the CHAOS! and hearing your friends yelling WTF?! (should only be done if your mates can take a joke!)
  8. pay money for a generals mod... hmm!
  9. Yeah that's true, turning off my ZA anti-virus allowed Yuri to run normally with no freezing at all.
  10. WolFY


    yeah, veinholes that squeel and swallow up bounty hunters, that'll definitely throw in a bit of spin, especially if tiberium can be used in lightsabers lol!
  11. WolFY

    Ion Storms = Superweapon?

    does anyone remember the cool looking (and rather insanely powerful) chrono-storm from the first red alert? one word comes to mind, PWNAGE! give me an ion storm like that and you will have a satisfied me!
  12. WolFY

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    Personally, I like the idea of a mine laying unit. But instead of it laying a single mine or a random cluster, have it so once you select the mine layer and use its "mine laying" option, you can then scroll out a square or oblong (simular to selecting a group of units) then let go of the click and it will lay mines out in that shape. Of course tweaking that idea will require innovation. If you need any form of referrence to what I mean, in Homeworld (the original first game) there is a minelayer corvette which follows what I mean. Most of the ideas I want to see came from a very old and now very dead site that had alot of brilliant ideas. The old "freewebs" tiberian twilight site which (I think) was ideas and concepts of a mod for generals. It had such ideas as G.D.I having a MCV that could be upgraded when deployed to have armor walls around it, and had 6 defence upgrade spots where you could garrison the new Titans or anti-air defense. Had "construction drones" that were used to build with. Not in a sense like generals at all. You selected what you wanted to build the same way as an MCV works but you could deploy it straight away. Once you deployed it in a selected spot, the construction drones would go out from inside the MCV and start to build it, simular to how termites work, slowly grabbing the pieces from the MCV and taking it to the site. Would look awesome, just it would take time and tweaking to get it right. G.D.I structures were heavily armored with metres of steel and concrete which is meant to resist most assults and more important, the weather. Nod would all be based underground, but their MCV follows the same suit, except they don't build optop of the ground, they build an entire base underground throughout their network of tunnels. Nod base defense would spring up from certain "Trap Doors" that you place on the surface, the trap doors would be clearly visible as giant flat doors, a good example is the old style SAM site. Nods vehicles and troops come to the surface through medium/giant elevators. Same with their nuclear missiles or whichever super weapon you would want to use. Destroying Nod structures underground would be as simple as blasting open their respective elevator and blasting down the shaft and blowing the heck out of it. All Nod structures have elevators for supplies and personale. Another thing was, infantry who only had machine-gun type weapons couldn't simply just keep shooting a building till it exploded. They have to actually go inside buildings and fight/kill the troops already in the structures. Which brings up another idea I remember, all structures were garrisonable. Once inside and all troops of the defending team were dead, you could keep the building as a garrisoned defense or select it and click "destroy". Your troops would evac and the building goes pop. Nod structures would have small "bunker" type upgrades for their elevators which troops can haul into. G.D.I also lost the space based Ion Cannon due to Scrin invasion. But they had a Land based Ion Cannon. Once fully charged, it had 3 firing modes. 1) It extends its cannon to an external position and fires a huge ball of Ion energy simular to the E.M.P cannon. Causing a massive Ion shockwave explosion onto the base. Best agains't Nod because it soaks through the earth and does massive amounts of spread damage. 2) Fires a number of smaller self-destructive Ion shots into the atmosphere which causes a mass Ion Storm over a selected area. Shutting down equipment much like E.M.P does for a period of time and causes Ion lightning strikes also for that period. 3) Launches a small rocket into high orbit, then extends its cannon and charges maximum amount of energy, the rocket unfolds into a large energy-reflective mirror. The Ion Cannon fires a single large beam of energy at the mirror which reflects down at the surface. Destroying the mirror in the process but is perfect for destroying Nod structures. There was alot more ideas as well, I don't remember them all but the feeling I got when thinking over the ideas and looking at the pictures and such was "OMFG I WANT TO PLAY THIS!!". It was just that damn good.
  13. Reading over your thoughts and ideas, certain things come into question... like that guy who posted about RA3 in respect to new units, saying that there will be diamond laser infantry, well keep in mind that the original Red Alert and the Tiberium Dawn universe are 1 in the same. Red Alert was based on the past of that universe hence why if you played the Soviet campaigns and finished it, you see that woman after killing Stalin with poison speak about "the land of NOD" and why Kane made appearances throughout Red Alert. So maybe in RA3, the brotherhood will rise and take control of most of the old Soviets weaponry and manpower and begin the TD saga and having discovered the "diamond" technology was able to construct a land based defense tower...the obelisk of light. Just 1 possibility... But you also have to consider that the rumor about RA3 is quite old and that is probably a load of !@#$ BUT if it was true then you could see how easy it would be to incorperate it into TD. Also if you note some of the history of TD you will see that most of the European military power was combined with the U.S military governed by the U.N to form G.D.I. Maybe when the Brotherhood ran it's undertaking, the world believed it to be the old Soviets once again trying to ruin civilisation but over the campaigns found it to be a new faction coming up from the old world called the Brotherhood of NOD. Realising that this faction has been fine tuned and learning that this new threat has been planning and training for many hundreds of years, they believe that only forming a united military force they would stand a chance of keeping the world free aka G.D.I. So as you can see it maybe very easy to bridge the gap between those 2 different games based on the same timeline. And that's where I think RA3 will come into play, the bridge of those gaps. Someone also mentioned a Tiberium Dawn-3D game, well this has already been done. Not on PC but on Nintendo64 and it didn't produce popularity as WW hoped for. Now that doesn't rule out the possibility of a TD-3D game for PC with something like the Sage engine but I believe E.A will probably continue on with the different Sagas instead of rebuilding old games even though personally I would love a TD-3D game using the Sage engine. The possibility of a Tiberium Twilight game is also there, I have viewed a site that has some excellent ideas based on TT though it's fan made and no longer maintained and just sitting on the net, that doesn't rule out his ideas. It's the freewebs site if you have not yet heard of it... http://www.freewebs.com/twilight_initiative/ could be fake, could be insight, could be a mod for generals...either way it's excellent reading and with some very good ideas, could be used for TT with no problems at all. Both games are possible, both games are welcome by all no matter which order they come out in. The only question now is How Long... TS came out a few years after TD, RA2 came out after TS also being a few years from RA. I hope we don't have to wait much longer for TT or RA3 to come out. As for a Dune game, I didn't mind some aspects of the campaign such as the territory selection that is lacking in other games. Imagine Generals where the G.L.A have taken over countries, those countries have different sectors, you have to attack a sector, control that sector and defend that sector then build a force to raid the next sector. For G.L.A you have the task of setting the world free eventually conquering the world. Granted that it would be an extremely long game and that there are hundreds of countries and probably thousands of sectors in those countries BUT as loyal Generals fans I thought you would like that. Imagine the possibilities of a game based like that. Now I reckon that would be legendary. Someone also mentioned a Generals 2, though I don't believe that Generals 2 would come out anytime soon if it does come out at all, it is none the less a possibility. Reason I don't believe it will come out soon is because, unless they have perfected a new RTS 3D Engine it would be pointless to make Generals 2 with the same engine as the first. Why make Generals 2 with the Sage engine? better off making another expansion to the first Generals. I also believe the majority of fans would rather continue with TT or RA3 to finish off those sagas and to end a story being played and told for nearly a decade. In any case those are some of my views, wether or not TT or RA3 will come out anytime soon is yet to be observed...as Einstein put it "Sooner or later, time will tell". I bid you farewell.