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  1. dapperdan

    RA3 Interview & New Gameplay Trailer

    Well, seeing as the missions are co-op, and say you choose to do them with the AI as partner then I suppose they will be the other Commanders in the game such as Cmd Warren etc. That said, the Japanese officer might just be another Commader.
  2. dapperdan

    New Red Alert 3 Teaser Trailer

    Love the news report ticker tape at the bottom of the screen: 'New advanced cheeleader uniform allows new trampoline records to be set.' Classic!!! CGI looks great and acting looks great too.
  3. dapperdan

    Community Update from APOC

    I'll admit that I know absolutely nothing about Starcraft or SC2 for that matter, but by the sounds of it Blizzard seem to be pretty intent on making sure that the experience the players get of these games is close to perfect. I'm not saying that EA don't try but when you get a company that makes sure that it try's to balance a game even long after it's shelf life to ensure the players have a good experience then surely that is setting a benchmark for other developer's to follow. They are showing commitment to their product. On one hand you have a company that seems to go out of it's way to make a game as balanced as possible and on the other you have a company that releases a few patches then put's the majority of it's resources into another product, thus leaving the previous game behind. Having said that it is good to note that EA are intending to have a 'live' team so to speak to work on the existing games once they are released, leaving the developers to work on the new projects. We have this type of set up in my company. We do two releases of our software a year and have a 'live' team who fix any problems on the pre-exisitng softtware in circulation, leaving our developers free to work on the new product. Things like this take time to implement however and so I wouldn't be expecting things to be flawless for RA3 but hopefully, the attitude so to speak, of Blizzard can provide inspiration for the EA team, even if it's in the form of a rivalry between brand support. Forgive me if I have misspelled anything or if anything does not make 100% sense, as i have had a couple of drinks tonight
  4. dapperdan

    All Star Red Alert 3 Cast Revealed!

    Must say, that was a very impressive video. Cast seems to be very good aswell. Shaping up to be quite good so far.
  5. I'm fairly sure that if the women in the RAF started wearing these types of uniforms then enlistment would be through the roof!!
  6. dapperdan

    Usernames in the Beta

    TitanD86 - and boy do I suck at online rts!
  7. One word: Stunning!! Nice to see another Brit in the game other than that Maggie T. look-a-like in RA2. Also, I take it shoes were never invented in this timeline, or is to intice foot fetish peeps to the game ??
  8. dapperdan

    Red Alert 3 Box Art Revealed

    Whilst I agree that it stands out very much in a good way, appealing colours and images, it does seem like it's just a collage of recycled concept art. I don't see the originality of it tbh, but then again, it's only box art, it's the quality of the game that's gonna count for me.
  9. Least she could do is wear the berret properly.
  10. They had TS walls in Tiberium Wars too.
  11. dapperdan

    Yaa for Tanya!

    The only big name I've heard so far is Peter Weller (Robocop) for the Allied side. I'd prefer it if Joe directed again, the games he directred did seem to have more passion about them. Agreed with the Renegade Effects, number one choice for props/sets.
  12. dapperdan


    By the sounds of some of the altest info about the campaign part of RA3 there will be several different generals for each faction (think Zero Hour). Can't see why these won't be implemented into the MP though.
  13. dapperdan

    Player Character/Customization for Single-Player

    Well, there's at least 5 more weapons in those other games.
  14. dapperdan

    Player Character/Customization for Single-Player

    How will they implement different classes when there is only one gun? Or do you reckon it will be one gun for SP with 4 functions and mulitple guns for MP? 1 gun with 4 functions would eliminate the need for heavy troopers, scouts etc.
  15. dapperdan

    Yaa for Tanya!

    Since when has bad acting ever been a problem in C&C? Part of the fun of the games was the over-dramaticness of the acting. Somewhat lacking though in C&C3, more charisma and personality in an undertaker at a funeral parlour than the characters in that game.