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  1. yes...they are protoss and i would love to play ghost but my computer cant run it so im screwed
  2. there hasnt been much discusion lately about this but it is the best idea i have ever seen and i think it can be done i am starting to lean how to mod but no goood to help, but i think it can be done have you started trying yet!!! id love to know or see some things from it!
  3. oxmattxo


    yes i agree he was cool and it did not have much effect but i did take out the choper...i was realy annoyed with the sub mission it might just of been my game but it took me about 5 hours to beat it because it said that there was a objective thta i did not do and i had to do it go back and do that objective three times and it said that it was not done but then i wonderd for an hour and it said that i completed it when i was just standing still for about 10min it was really anouying :x :shock: :?
  4. oxmattxo

    Favorite Renegade Character

    yes i ment raveshaw and they are the same but i also seem to do better with him then her and he just seems to be a lot more acuret then her although you would think that she would be with the shoot being bigger.
  5. oxmattxo


    oya oya
  6. oxmattxo


    renegade is one of the best games that i have ever play if anyone was to badmouth it i would have to kick there ass ya this is great and i would love to get into a clan and some clan wars but have not yet been able to if you know of a good clan that is recruting could you tell me :?: , thanks
  7. oxmattxo

    Favorite Renegade Character

    i would have to say that the best character would have to be mondez with the rail gun because it is so easy to take out all most any thing so....what do you guys think :wink:
  8. oxmattxo

    Command & Conquer : Reborn

    i downloaded it and it seems to be done but strangly fast and when i click on it it says that the file is corupt try to get it again......it dose the same damn thing :x
  9. oxmattxo

    Westwood Online/Renegade Problem

    i live in nova scotia and i cant get on to wol ether t thought that it must be down but now i dont no what is up with it. >_< :x
  10. oxmattxo

    Renegade Reborn ideas, bugs, suggestions

    i could not stand the graphics in ts the graphics all the others were better im not against the langth of the battels because if the dont last long then they are not a chaleng and were is the fun in a game if its done in a day. the characters were good but they were so crapey and hard to see that the fact that they would look good was distroyd with the job on the graphics, i liked all the units like the cyborge but they looked soooo bad.
  11. oxmattxo


    could somone tell me what CNC reborn is please
  12. oxmattxo


    I just started playing online but have had it offline for a few years now and would like to join a clan my name in renegade is oxmattxo.