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  1. Thorak

    Superweapons... what do u prefer?

    The particle Cannon has the lowest recharge time and can destroy GLA tunnels with the residual flames that burns. The scud-storm is good as well, it has a longer recharge time but leaves radiation and can destroy GLA tunnels. The Nuke is usefull against China or USA, but not against GLA and it has the longest recharge time. So the nuke is the least usefull to me.
  2. For me the hardest C&C mission ever is the TD NOD mission where u have to destroy the weapons factory and only get a commando and 2 or 3 rocket troopers and keep encountering mammoth tanks. That one is nearly impossible.
  3. Thorak

    Help with Red Alert

    You must first set the compatibility of the setup.exe to Win95. It is on the CNCNZ site http://www.cncnz.com/features/tech/raxpfix.shtml -- Edit -- looking back at the original message I see you use Win2000. Don't know if the same procedure can be used for it though.
  4. Thorak

    USA Air force General Strat?

    Yes they do. But when playing with Granger that is stupid. Planes need to see something to attack it and moving them into an area would just get them killed before they can even fire. Playing GLA selling your CC is a good way to surprise the enemy because you can easy start somewhere they don't expect you
  5. Thorak

    Favorite General and why?

    Depending on the style of play I guess. I don't like to play the GLA (vanilla and the generals), so I think they are not so good. I'm best with playing USA, and therefore play them the most and therefore I think Laser or USAF are the best. SW general sucks and China is doing fairly well overall (INF and Nuke I think are best).
  6. Thorak

    Is force firing considered cheating?

    True. But returning to the subject. Force firing imo is not cheating but using tactics. Force firing Nuke cannons and Scuds limits the movement of your own troops too. Sending men into radiation weakens them severely. So it isn't always the best tactic to use.
  7. Thorak

    Is force firing considered cheating?

    Still I think Search and Destroy or Bombardment are better, hitting your enemies from a range they can't fire back at you or hitting them making an instant kill works better than the slight bonus at armor.
  8. Thorak

    Which one have higher survival rate????

    I think the King Raptor has the highest survival rate. When at the highest rank 1 raptor can finish of any unit except the Overlord and the Avenger.(and perhaps a paladin - didnt test that one).
  9. Thorak

    China - Mission 3

    Unfortunately, by patch 1.02 (I think it was that one) they removed the carpet bombing. That made the mission very hard.
  10. Thorak

    Is force firing considered cheating?

    And the AI uses it :lol:
  11. China Internet Centre: Fast way to get a load of money (especially when getting elite hackers), can built only one though, so extra hackers are in the open, an easy pick for many units. GLA Black market: decent money flow and you can build a lot of them. USA air drop: A lot of money at once, but you need to wait a LOOOOONG tume to get that money. IMO China has the best cash flow tech (hackers) but need more caretaking as one superweapon can take out many at once. GLA is a decend 2nd and USA has bad luck in this "competition".
  12. Thorak

    Tiberian Twilight

    A new Tiberian series game would be very welcome. Unfortunately I was somewhat dissappointed by the end of the Tiberian Sun story (kane and the tiberium Missile). The alien ship appearance could become a great storyline (linking them to the tiberium), making them dependable on tiberium to survive.
  13. Thorak

    annoying your friends...

    7 scud storms costs a lot of time to build and drains a lot of cash better spend on tanks and other units. Meaning when they start to build multiples scud storms at once they probably don't have the money to build tanks etc. So in stead of doing a superweapon race, "tanks, build more tanks!" (as general Kwai would say) and start attacking him.
  14. Combat Chinooks themselves don't 'promote' to elite forces and therefore cannot recieve auto-repair status. It is important to watch the health bar of the chinook carefully and withdraw them from battle at the right moment. It can deal a great deal of damage in the meanwhile though. I used them in pairs against some brutal enemies (China and GLA) to test them vs. the Commanches. Stealth Commanches can attack when the Quads and Gattling Tanks have passed (use the rocket pods to destroy them) and they repair themselves. The best way to use the Chinook is to let him do a fly-by shooting, since the MD's inside can fire while the chinook is moving. My conclusion is that a Chinook needs constant care (micromanagement) and if a Commanche had laser point defense it would become extremely dangerous.
  15. The mounted cannon damages the avenger as well. Playing the Airforce General and using Stealth commanches it is possible to sneak up at the back of the avenger and destroying it before the turret makes the turn to fire at the commanches. You need a group of them though, (perhaps with some micromanagement in a one to one combat situation the commanche will win).