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    America, China or GLA?

    I think the teams are very equal in strength but my favorite is GLA, workers, no power, alot of fun stuff with them China would be second, Overlord Tanks is amazing, and they got hackers! (ima nerd sorry)
  2. Yeah if it's no trouble please do aim: toomuchiggy msn: [email protected] thanks
  3. Thanks, but uhm... ive checked every ini file in Zero Hour folder and cant find anything that has the settings u posted, do i need a modding tool or such?
  4. whohoo, never messed with the ini's before, but ill try right after posting here. I assume by changing u mean i should delete it right? (*backs up current inis just incase* i guess there's a way to change so we dont get stars, raising the point level or something which means we'll be unable to get those advantages aswell right? Thanks a lot! i feel like an ass.. but exactly what INI file should i edit and where is it? I got a folder named INI but no files in it :oops:
  5. The reason is there's no way to defend yourself against them With tanks and flights u can always build a defense and such, makes Multiplaying more fun in my opinion, im probably in the minority though
  6. Sorry for bringing up an old threat, but i was searching around for disabling superweapons and found this. Now if I would go through the INI file and remove superweapons from my game and also sent that ini to a friend and we wanted to play online against eachother, that would work i suppose? I really dislike playing with it, im used to old Red Alert games and such where military, flights adn infantry conquered the world If anyone wanna make me that kind of INI files id be forever grateful!