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  1. Elik1975

    Trainer cheat

    The problem is that the server runs renguard and this trainer was still able to work.
  2. Elik1975

    Trainer cheat

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or seen this trainer cheat before and how to counter it if there is a way. I play on a server called Jelly-Games.com, and some idiot came into the game with an invisible nick and the ability to kill anything and everything without being seen. It was as if he was a ghost, and the moderators were having a very difficult time kicking him or even banning him. On occassion, he'd get kicked and I'd a name come up such as qsdq5d101, or asd601aaa. Due to the ability to change nicks, it was impossible to keep him out of the server. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.