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  1. Rifletank

    Black hawk down map

    my aim is to make it an SP map... a mission map, like you said. today I made the ground textures (desert) and added more buildings to the US base and the city
  2. Rifletank

    Black hawk down map

    today i played DF-black hawk down, and watched parts of the movie, made a couple sketches of what the map will look like, made the lake, started making the US base. more to come!
  3. After reading the "good city fight" thread, I thought that a black hawk down map would have incredible potential as a generals (ZH) map. so, ive started creating a mogadishu map (SP). just think about it; rangers dropping in on buildings, comanches flying around, humvees extracting the delta and chalk squads, rescuing the crew from super 6-1 and 6-4.... anyways, ill be posting updates (irregularly) as the job gets done this is my 1st map........ ever, so i could use all the help possible.
  4. Rifletank

    A good city fight

    i think i know exactly what youre thinking... how about... a "Black hawk down" map! wouldnt that be the greatest? i dont mean a MP map, but something like a singleplayer mission... you have to command all the units (all the chalks, super 6-1 thru 6-9, all the snipers, and rangers, you get the ranger drops (like in the movie) and you would have to rescue the pilot crews, and of course, theres the angry mobs and rebels, and the RPG people, and the technicals... if well made, this map could be very very VERY fun.
  5. lately ive been pretty into the idea of making a WW2 mission pack for ra2 (maybe YR) but I have no idea of using scripts; much less making them. I was thinking of using final alert 2 as the program. is this a good choice for my very basic skills? is there anything better and easier?
  6. Rifletank

    changing sound in C&C generals

    .........anybody know?
  7. what program do i need to change the sound of things in generals? for example, changing the sound of the rangers' guns, changing the sound of the technicals' guns etc etc, and how?
  8. hey sup all, im havin this problem and i dont know how to fix it. my PC has XP so i downloaded the RA1 patch taht lets me play it on new computers (even tho it disables internet play) the first time i tried it worked fantastically but now i cant get it to work!! i have no idea how to fix thi. any help?
  9. Rifletank

    can't play generals online

    thanks, but it still doesnt work. same thing popped up.
  10. hey sup, i cant lpay generals online. when i try to download the update to play online it downloads it sucessfully but when it's patching it says that it couldnt find a special file but it found another file with the same name and it says that no updates took place. is there anything else i can do? is there another place where i can get the update?
  11. i understand why zero hour is called generals (generals challenge) but what about the original one? there are no generals to choose from. so why the name? or was ti chosen just for the expansion?
  12. Rifletank


    oh forget that last post, i finally figured out how to rip the tracks and everything THANKS A LOT (not sarcasm)
  13. Rifletank


    hey thanks for the BIGpop really helpful stuff but how do i know which ones are the music tracks? i started lookin around on audio files until i came with a crapload of audio files and i dont knwo which ones are the music. do u knwo the names for them? now that i seaaarched the folder again i found the music.big file. but when i tried opening it it said it doesnt have interpreter support or it has been deactivated. how do i fix this? oh and BTW there was only one file for music thanks P.S. "i like your location.... hehe where can i get me one of those??" u mean the cake?
  14. Rifletank


    anybody know if the soundtrack for generals is hovering out there on the web for DL? if so, where!?!?!