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  1. jbrem04

    Best ally general...

    I'm usually Air Force, so having the tank general as an ally would be awesome...seeing as how my version of a tank is the humvee with TOW missiles...lol
  2. jbrem04

    America, China or GLA?

    Whatever....lol you know what I mean. Big explosions!!!
  3. jbrem04

    America, China or GLA?

    It would have to be the good ol' USA for me. Air superiority is a must for me, and the USA has great general point upgrades. Bring in the A-10 strike, Carpet Bomb (Air Force General), Fuel Air Bomb, and Auroras. I guess i just like the pyrotechnics
  4. I'm playing through my College's network...but other online games work fine.
  5. I go into the online part of the menu in Zero Hour and click Login (after I already registered an account), and it pauses for a second then gives me the message: "Could not connect to Zero Hour online". I tried creating another account, and I get the same message. Any ideas?