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  1. Yeah, I actually also "obtained" a portable version and its 1.2GB in size, but it still has skirmish, probably still has single player. It'd be ideal if we could get it down to <1GB, it has no music though. Thanks guys.
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to remove the single player/music and cutscenes out of my Generals game so I can get it small enough to copy onto a small sized USB Drive, is this possible? Also how would I go about doing it? It'd be only for LAN play. I actually own the game. Thanks. Also, wow, I've been a member for FOUR years and only made 4 posts. Anyone here from the old C&C Tech Centre?
  3. Damo

    Schapelle Corby

    geez Australia's cops suck arse too! we had some "domestic" issues lately and they did nothing. and we call 000 for our cops
  4. Damo

    Games You Want, But Cannot Get!

    Decent: Freespace 2 i Really loved the first 1 but number 2 was never released in Australia i think.