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  1. Way off, there is a cloaking ability, and Ferning actually answered my question
  2. Why do you want to use TibEd??? It sucks you can't even use it with the rockpatch BOOO TIBED
  3. How do you make a unit cloke ONLY when stopped? No im not using TibEd this is just a good forum to ask these questions because people answer them (alot) I've tried the code CloakStop, but with out the Cloakable the unit is normal and with the Cloakable the unit is always cloaked. So how do i get him just to cloak when stopped
  4. OpenSun is a Tiberian Sun Remade project that will be Open Source (hence the name) we are lead by a great and devoted leader Equiredox; you can visit our website here, or you can visit our forums on PPM here, and finally here are some screenshots of what is done so far: This is the Sidebar made by D These are some shots of terrain developing techniques: This is the Hybrid Brownian Fractal Technique Cosine Edge Technique Hill Positioning Technique Multivarient Trigonometry Equation Technique Sharp Edge Technique And the Shine Edge Technique Once again you can visit our site here, or you can visit our forums on PPM here.
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    Thats only YR i believe.