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  1. LawyerNinja

    Favourite unit, thus far.

    A pack of Mammoths, and Predators with the Rail Run upgrade are invincible.
  2. LawyerNinja

    Word Association Game

  3. Lol, you know its fake... you can hear the persons breath when ever they are breathing into there mic... and its just voice distortion.
  4. LawyerNinja

    Online Match

    cant u guys just PM each other?
  5. LawyerNinja

    Tired of It

    the games not comming out for another good 5 months or a little less if they told us too much they wouldn't have anything else to show us
  6. LawyerNinja

    CNC3 Cover Art

    They practically have to do something like this except with a background...
  7. LawyerNinja

    Now Playing - Music

    Mastodon-Crystal Skull
  8. LawyerNinja

    GDI commando

    ........ Moving on......
  9. LawyerNinja

    How to disable Tracking beams?

    dont Spam as many Defences?
  10. how could they base something that hasn't been seen or made yet?
  11. LawyerNinja

    GDI commando

    well what would be so bad if he says the same things? just a different person saying them. It would be fine to just have the same commando. As for the NOD Girl Commando i guess lol?
  12. LawyerNinja

    GDI commando

    Wow u post fast, Really? i have never seen anything onn him
  13. LawyerNinja

    GDI commando

    Lol i cant beleive i haven't heard anyhting about him in any of these posts, 1.) Do you think there will be one? 2.) What should he look like 3.) "That was left handed!"
  14. LawyerNinja

    The orca

    im prtty sure the ones on the right are the fighters and the ones on the left are the Orca Bombers they look good