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    A few problems

    Thanks. All of it worked, except that the osprey now looks like a paratroop drop plane. Also, the planes dont automaticly return to base after stopping. Thanks again.
  2. Hey. I just started using TibEd yesterday. Having a way with programming, I easilly made a few changes, but I still have some problems. These are for Red Alert 2, by the way. Yuri anoys me. First of all, since I like cows, I gave the cow a sooped up Vulcan weapon. This cow, being very strong, I decided to make it a hero. Unfortunately, even though I set the build limit to 1, I can still make multiples. If I build it, after the cow is built, I can build one more, and so on. I know my second issue has been addressed on this forum, but I tried cloning the hornets and ospreys, for the aircraft carrier and destroyer, respectively. I managed to get them to be built in an airfield, but they were invisible! I could still see the health bar and select them, though. Do I have to do something to the art.ini file? Lastly, I am having troubles adding a fourteenth extra mode to the IFV. I set the turret options in the manual editor, and the weapon options, too, but when I put the new technician in the IFV, the turret is gone and instead their is a bowl in the ifv.