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  1. chickendippers

    Letting Go of CNCNZ.com

    A bit late to the party here, but I entirely sympathise with your position Sonic, having made the same decision a few years ago myself. From time-to-time I check in and it was reassuring to see CNCNZ still going strong. Your plea to EA to pull their fingers out and make another game is entirely justified. All the best! You are fortunate to have found a good team who can continue running the site in your retirement, and I wish them all the best.
  2. chickendippers

    CNC World Interview: C&C 2142 Mod for C&C 3

    Thanks for the post Sonic
  3. chickendippers

    C&C 2142 Interview @ CnCWorld

    CnCWorld have conducted an interview with Derek328, the mod manager of C&C 2142 is a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars set in the Battlefield universe which throws the player forward to the year 2142 where a new Ice Age has humanity once again fighting for survival. The interview covers topics such as an introduction to the mod team, how the Battlefield units integrate with a C&C engine, and most importantly, a possible release date! Click here to read the full interview
  4. CnCWorld have conducted an interview with Kerensky287, the lead coder for RA3 total conversion Red Alert 3: Paradox. The mod features an impressive 5 new factions as well as additional units for the existing factions. The campaign is set in the aftermath of Red Alert 3 the war-torn world is fractured and divided into numerous factions maintaining an uneasy ceasefire. Click here to read the full interview
  5. chickendippers

    C&C3: The Forgotten Interview

    CnCWorld have just published an interview with Blbpaws, the mod manager of C&C3: The Forgotten, a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars which tells the story of a neglected faction of humans featured in Tiberian Sun, but were marked by their absence from C&C3. They are 'The Forgotten'; a race of mutated humans afflicted by the Tiberium infestation. The C&C Labs team are keen to create a credible faction with a powerful driving storyline. So in this interview a new story artefact is exclusively revealed; a journal entry from the former intelligence partner of the main character 'Raven Hades' (read the fifth question). Click here to read the full interview
  6. It might just be your broadband connection. The amount of data sent to the servers is very small, so dial up could easily cope with it. However C&C4 seems to allow very little room for error, so reliability is the key factor in your connection. Hopefully they can patch some tolerance into the system.
  7. chickendippers

    C&C4 Competition @ CnCWorld

    Fancy getting your hands on Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight for free? At CnCWorld we are now running the world's easiest competition and have 6 copies to give away courtesy of EA! All you have to do is vote in our poll on the right hand side of the homepage, then click the "Send Comment" link and send us a message. That's really all there is to it! Find more information here. Competition closes on the 26th of March; that only gives you 7 days to enter.
  8. Over at CnCWorld I have been working away on the Tiberian Twilight section of the site and I'm pleased to say it is now complete! To access it, head over to CnCWorld, click "TIBERIAN TWILIGHT" on the left menu and then select one of the sub-sections. There are two main features; first the traditional unit and structure information pages which we have for every game. This time they're far more informative; not only are there the portraits, cost and description of its abilities, but also the weapon and armour type - essential information for the new hard counter system. About The Game Hard Counter System GDI Offence Units Support Units Defence Units Structures Nod Offence Units Support Units Defence Units Structures Other Tech Structures The Forgotten Minimum Requirements Secondly Alex06 and some buddies have been doing some digging around the in beta test files and have come across some interesting still pictures from the full motion videos that we will be watching very soon. So for a sneak peak at those head over to our C&C4 Beta Test FMVs gallery. I've done my best to speculate which characters are being shown in the pictures, but we won't know for sure until next week!
  9. Hmm, definitely a good point well raised Sonic. This doesn't bode well for Tib Twilight. I've just checked with Apoc and if EA's servers were to suffer a similar attack or be taken down for maintenance we will be locked out from the game entirely; campaign, skirmish - the lot!
  10. chickendippers

    CNCNZ.com Presents: 2009 - A Year in Review

    This is my favourite bit:
  11. chickendippers

    Tiberium Legos Returns

    Glad to see it's back
  12. CnCWorld have announced the second of their competitions as part of the 10th birthday celebrations, Guess The Hits. Just like the previous competition they've gone for another participation contest that everyone can enter, all they are asking you to do this time is guess how many hits CnCWorld received in November. The prizes up for grabs this time round include: C&C Saga Pack (All C&C games up to Tiberium Wars), Burnout Paradise for PC C&C T-Shirts Signed C&C photographs It couldn't be simpler! The closing date is 21st of December. For tips on guessing the right answer and details of how to enter: CLICK HERE FOR CONTEST INFO / TO ENTER
  13. Interesting on the differing opinions on which game is easiest to mod Re coverage of older mods, feel free to email chickendippers [at] cncworld.org and I'm happy to post it. My personal policy is not to post "new renders" type news, but screenshots, trailers, releases etc I'm happy to post!
  14. chickendippers

    The C&C Time Machine

    Today is CnCWorld's 10th anniversary (you might have heard about it already)! And rather appropriately we're pleased to announce our latest feature; the C&C Time Machine. Tore from C&C Comm. Center and myself have been working away to create a new mini site which will transport you back into C&C Community History. We've restored a plethora of former fansites, for some it will be a trip down memory lane, while for others it will be a history lesson (but not boring, I promise). We've also put together a gallery of pre-development and beta screenshots from all the games! So click the logo below to re-detonate! Once you've had a look be sure to head to CnCWorld and vote in our poll; Have you seen the sites in our Time Machine before?
  15. Thanks for the post. The contest has now been extended until the end of the month as we've received a flood of last-minute entries!