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  1. You have to admit, we are a little demanding. But then we do have some right to be since the last CnC game was made for no apparent reason, with no ties to what should have been. And EA has way too much on their hands. How can you buy up all these different names and pledge to make all these games if you don't have enough people/time to do it??? That doesn't make a bit of sense to me. If CnC is really a "Franchise" then how the heck do they own the entire thing???? If it really is, then we should start our own game company and buy into that "Franchise" and just roll out CnC games.
  2. LurkingEyes

    mission maps

    Prolly cause you only loaded the W3D, no? If you go to...ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/renegade/tools/ and get the buildings and everything there, but I doubt you know how to make the map to work, so skip that and just search for the Modded Mission Maps for multiplayer.
  3. LurkingEyes

    A good city fight

    I recall a semi-mission map where you had to use some UN vehicles, and one of the Prison trucks or whatever its called...it was a good urban one, as you had to be careful when you came to alleyways and stuff...I'll go look for it. Yes Yes, here it is: "The Mog" http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/file/The_Mog;12059 Isnt the *Best* urban, but I liked it. CnC Files has a bunch of Urbanish maps that are multiplayer, look around there.
  4. LurkingEyes

    replays follow user mode

    Old topic, but how it happened, is that you clicked the name of a certain player. I think thats how it was done... But its supposed to happen. I have done it before. It lets you see what the enemy was doing at any certain time...
  5. LurkingEyes

    mission maps

    The map has to be outfitted with all the Buildings, and then the server has to be set to play them.
  6. Thats probably the best model ever created....but as for you, archer...unless you can get the Reborn guys to give you that model, I doubt that you will get it till the mod comes out.
  7. LurkingEyes

    Renegade ingame name change?

    No, I wasnt calling you a cheater, I was just saying that that was the impression people have when you are unnamed. You know, you dont know who the person is, so they can cheat all they want....uh...See if it is in-game. do the 'host LAN game' and set it to one player, just like you would do to get the map rotaton and all. If your name is still Unnamed, then its Renegade itself...reinstall it. If its Gamespy thats doing it....I dont really know....probably reinstall that too, but if that doesnt work...sorry.
  8. LurkingEyes

    Renegade ingame name change?

    If its a WOL server, you probably need to go back and reset your name, like log in and stuff, or try resetting it if all else fails. I dont play wol much, but that would be my best guess. You may wanna try to do it fast, because on a lot of servers, Unnamed=Cheater.
  9. LurkingEyes

    new mod

    Wow, this mod looks really good, and very promising. What would it take a guy you've never heard of to be a tester or something?
  10. I hope that in this forum, SOMEONE will answer me, as no one else will in others :? ...Okay, this is just a Copy Paste from another place: In the level editor for Renegade, what skin/sheild/whatever I havent though of, do I use to make the person...invulnerable. Well, I really want to make them able to jump off of anything, and not get hurt...as the normal game, if you are too high up you die, I want to change this. Before you say it, I AM NOT CHEATING. Well...I am, but not online/multiplayer. I just set up a Skirmish map, and I want to play around with it, because Im really bored. I also want to get to know the process of creating a mod, and changing the object.ddb file. Thanks!