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    C&C & half life 2
  1. rastsyc&c

    why can't i play tiberium sun online!

    Thats the thing i don't have any mods and it is up to date.
  2. rastsyc&c

    why can't i play tiberium sun online!

    Yes It states "Versions incompatable"
  3. rastsyc&c

    why can't i play tiberium sun online!

    yes and i got the first decade and the patch and it still wont work
  4. I am having problems playing tiberium sun online with people who have the first decade. Do I have to buy the first decade to get it to work or is there a workaround
  5. when ever i jion a server it says incompatible version even though its fully patched.
  6. rastsyc&c

    C&C: World War 3

  7. dude if u want high rez up to 1600x1200 just go to ur c&c 95 folder and in the text file called conquer.ini were it says rezalution=0 change that number to 1600x1200 and it should work fine. you can also change the sound bitrate to 32 bit by changing the number from 16 to 32.
  8. rastsyc&c

    NOD/GDI/Third Side Units.

    Well if there is this so called third faction i just hope there not changing the story so much just so they could be like yuri is. :x
  9. rastsyc&c


    dude how do u open a mix file ?
  10. ding ding ding ding the slut is here
  11. rastsyc&c

    My little short....

    ALL Your dam base belong to us
  12. rastsyc&c

    Next C&C Game from EA?

    oh yes i aggree :wink:
  13. *beep* no the correct answer is what is yes :roll:
  14. EA is lakin in c&C games so if they do that it might be crapppypy
  15. rastsyc&c

    Generals 2