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  1. awww, i feel i shouldnt have mentioned it :roll:
  2. Jaime T thats a wicked one tbh. Luk3us, you changed your name??? :roll:
  3. chillin

    Flash Games!

    Got 262 on that first one, i play too much CS:S nowadays. Man that hurts ur head. the flashing screen dont help lol
  4. chillin

    Flash Games!

    Five Minutes to Kill Youself http://www.adultswim.com/games/fiveMinutes/index.html kill youself in five minutes
  5. chillin

    Word Association Game

    Hot :roll:
  6. chillin

    Your Allegiance!

    :shock: exams suck. especially when u wait this long for a game. Ill let you know in 2 months
  7. chillin

    Sup guys

    No u cant, i accedently put a crack thru my disc, ill buy it off play for a tenner if i ever want to be whored again :wink:
  8. chillin

    Sup guys

    Typical, no development what so ever, so it'll be out like 2007/8 then well thats me out for another 6 months. unless anything else is happening thats good?
  9. chillin

    Sup guys

    yes i joined a year before u if u look, and thats when the server crashed and burned and we all rejoined that day if u notice the old players dont go further back than that i remember C&C King, tho he was no where near a moderator, i remember him first joining... Luk3us, he was here alot back then and a few others Sonic still here? so many memories i gave up with cnc when generals became whored and normal players cudnt get into it, bring on RA3 ffs, its being too long
  10. chillin

    Sup guys

    Hi, seriously long time no see from me i was getting an xp fix for my mate for RA1 and figured id say hello and get some info on red alert 3, i hear that is what theyre making? will i remember any of u? :roll:
  11. chillin

    editing maps

    yeh there is, i had the FinalSun one, but didnt use it, if u put this question int he editing forum they will all tell u
  12. chillin

    Favourite Mod

    i've had this before, it seemed to happen when i downloaded using my download accelerator, it caused it to do something try downloading it normally if this is the case
  13. chillin

    Jerky Zero Hour

    you may be spyware free but if u have norton products abnd stuff they take up quite a bit, so it may not spyware just programs to protect ur system :roll:
  14. chillin

    The Boss Generals

    where do u get this mod, is it on cncnz or another site? i want it
  15. i totaly agree, cnc was that game that no matter what ur spec it ran brilliantly and what a game it was! now that its 3d its one of those spec hungry games that u have to upgrade alot for, then again the graphics are good but i think they shud make a new 2d one